2019 Alternative Breaks

This campaign ended on June 30, 2019, but you can still make a gift to Alvernia University by clicking here!

“My Alternative Break experience was a life changing one. We got to experience the hardships that these people face on a daily basis. We got to truly feel and understand the compassion and happiness these people feel when they have little to nothing. We got to witness the true testament of their faith and how dedicated they are to it. We were able to share our knowledge with the children but more importantly we were able to learn true happiness and love from these children.” – Alternative Break Participant `18

Today we ask you to make a donation to Alvernia’s Alternative Break program! Why? Simply because the Alternative Break program gives students the real life opportunity to live out Alvernia’s motto - To learn To love To serve. This year, Alvernia students are spending a full week serving different communities in the United States, Cuba, Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

This wonderful program is fully funded by donations alone – student tuition dollars and fees do not benefit this program. As a result, we actively seek the support of people like you to help us make this possible. Please support our Alternative Break teams:

• Team Arizona/Mexico – $20,000 (Immigration and Border Control Issues)
• Team Camden - $12,000 (Poverty and Homelessness)
• Team Cuba - $16,500 (Poverty) 
• Team Dominican Republic - $16,000 (Education and Poverty)
• Team Philadelphia - $13,500 (Religious Intolerance)
• Team Reading – $2,300 (Poverty and Homelessness)
• Team Washington D.C. - $9,300 (Health Care Issues)
• Team West Virginia - $7,000 (Environmental Care)

US Heat Map

Alternative Break Teams

Alternative Breaks - Dominican Republic 33$7,002
Alternative Breaks - Philadelphia 32$4,951
Alternative Breaks - Reading 37$4,803
Alternative Breaks - Cuba 19$3,930
Alternative Breaks - Washington D.C. 23$3,461
Alternative Breaks - Camden 26$3,267
Alternative Breaks- West Virginia 21$3,136
Alternative Breaks - US/Mexico Border 21$2,851
Alternative Breaks - Greatest Need 25$1,365

Donor affiliations

4% Alumni

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4% Students

Show Students

8% Parents

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6% Faculty/Staff

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11% Friends

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Donor list

Sara Wicks
Lisa Beth Darling
Gregory Ondey
Rose Ondey
Carol Ann Bohinski
Kate S. Hoey
Lauren Manning
John Garrett
Pamela I Otruba
Stephanie Houck
The Clarks
Edward G Newell
Gary & Deb Reinert
Sharon Blair
Elmer JMagyar
Andrew Miller
Stephen and Elena Baker
William Mizhquiri
Laura Petry
Laura Petry
Sean Moran
Bryan C Brown
Gina Giunta Sharer
Heather Folk
Frank and Bonnie Barry
Jessica G
Pat Schmehl
Katie Jo Galezniak
Lex Banks
Cesar Mizhquiri
Blanca Llangari
Brian Burdick
Lisa Silva

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Receive a photo with a handwritten thank you note from a breaker when you donate $50 or more on Give Campus!