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Endowment Gifts

Endowment gifts ensure support for perpetuity and protect the future financial security of Albuquerque Academy. A percentage of the school’s total endowment, as determined by the board of trustees, and the interest generated by it is used to support the annual operating budget. What we make possible for students today can make a difference for generations of students to come. Donations to an endowment fund can be designated or unrestricted. 

Unrestricted Endowed Gifts

Gifts to the general endowment provide significant support for our community. Roughly $5 million of our current year budget comes from endowment distributions and makes it possible for the Academy to provide millions in tuition assistance for our students and helps keep tuition to a minimum for all. Endowment gifts are not only vital to our current fiscal health, but ensure our strong financial future.

The Andrew and Carol Watson Tuition Assistance Fund

This endowed fund was created to honor Andy and Carol Watson's 19 years of service and dedication to the Academy and provides financial support for families who qualify for tuition assistance, enabling deserving students to attend the Academy by sustaining one of the pillars of our school's mission.

Designated Endowed Gifts

Gifts totaling $35,000 or more may be used to create an endowed fund to support a particular school program and may be named in honor or memory of someone. Making a gift to a designated endowed fund provides significant support for departments and programs, as well as financial assistance for Academy students, greatly contributing to the mission of our school. Once a fund is established, additional gifts may be added to the fun to help it grow, as a percentage approved annually by the board of trustees determines annual payout from the fund, to be used to support the designated program. 

To learn more about our established endowed funds, click here.

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