Senior Class Gift Campaign 2020

This campaign ended on May 31, 2020, but you can still make a gift to Albright College by clicking here!

Set a new class record for support of the Senior Class Gift – 33%!

Your donation helps us continue the tradition of Albrightians by giving back in support of the Senior Class Gift Campaign.  Participation is the goal of our efforts and setting a new participation record of 33% is our goal. 

For the first time ever, we are able to celebrate the philanthropy and generosity of our Seniors with cords for graduation.  Donors of $18.56 or more will receive cords prior to graduation as a symbol of their charity towards Albright College.

Talk to a committee member today for the latest updates or to assist you in making your gift!

 Members of the Senior Class Gift Committee:  Autumn Blalock, Blake Reed, Sarah Kraushaar, Jacob Pollicove, Paul Cieri, Alyssa Medina, Alyssa Geckle, Star Thomas, Ginger Hill, Eugenio Portales San Juan, Isha Shah, Abby Army, Kelcie Coppa-Fritz, Jonathon Otero, Victoria LaBar, Andrea Ngyuen, Brian Lineweaver, Breiona Caldwell.



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Joy Campbell
Paul Cieri
Lauren C Huber
Erick Miles Slowe-Goldsmith
Tania Santiago
Jacqueline Mantell
Daniel Harris
Elainemarie Bryan
Lashay Copper
Morgan Hash
Emily Seaman-Brennan
Cameron Rupert
Sydney Robb
Jubilee J Soto
Ginger L Hill
Jordan Brown
Elizabeth M. Buerke
Erick M Goldsmith
Star Thomas
Cartina copeland
Autumn Blalock
Vittoria flick
Eugenio Portales Sanjuan
Linden Bennetch
Blake reed
Mara D Trifoi
Maddison A. Driscoll

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