Lauren Teresa Giddings Scholarship

By Meghan Spencer

100% of $25,000 goal
This campaign ended on April 09, 2016, but you can still make a gift to Agnes Scott College by clicking here!

Help Lauren’s family reach the goal of $25,000 to memorialize Lauren in perpetuity through the Lauren Teresa Giddings Scholarship Fund. Agnes Scott is accepting both outright gifts and gifts made through the Lauren Teresa Giddings Hit-A-Thon on Saturday, April 9th, 2016 at Agnes Scott College.  

Everyone who knew Lauren Teresa Giddings remembers a bright, fun-loving young woman with a happy smile and an open heart. Lauren graduated from Agnes Scott College in 2006 with a degree in Political Science and minor in Religious Studies, and played on the softball team for four years, wearing the number 3. She had just graduated from the School of Law at Mercer University and was studying for the bar exam when her life ended in June 2011. 

In memorial, Lauren’s family has established the Lauren Teresa Giddings Scholarship, an endowed scholarship providing tuition support to students with strong academic credentials or a demonstrated need, especially those who are the first in their immediate family to attend college, and those who are interested in pursuing careers in the legal profession or special education. The scholarship must reach $25,000 by June 30 to be endowed and awarded in the 2017-2018 academic year.

The remainder after expenses of all gifts previously given to support the Agnes Scott’s Lauren Giddings Softball Classic, along with concessions funds and proceeds from Agnes Scott’s Lauren Giddings 5K, have been deposited toward this scholarship fund. 

To participate in the Lauren Teresa Giddings Hit-A-Thon, please click on "Advocates" above and sign up to share your personal link to this page. The number of pitches you receive in the Hit-A-Thon is based on gifts raised through your personal link. You will have the chance to hit pitched softballs and will be awarded a hit for every time you make contact with the ball. The winners with the most hits will receive a prize. At the Hit-A-Thon, both hitters and spectators will have the chance to purchase raffle tickets – the raffle winners will be selected at the end of the event.

For more information about the Lauren Teresa Giddings Hit-A-Thon, to be held on Saturday, April 9th, 2016 at Agnes Scott College, please contact Head Softball Coach Talya DiGirolamo at or (404) 471-6475. 

Agnes Scott young alumnae, your gifts to this endowed fund will be greatly appreciated but cannot count toward your class’s Mollie Merrick competition standings, as gifts to endowed funds cannot be included in The Fund for Agnes Scott.

Thank you to all the early donors to the Lauren Teresa Giddings Scholarship and the Lauren Giddings Softball Classic, and registrants in the Lauren Giddings 5K:

Jennifer Sutton Abernathy

Justin Andrew Abernathy

Corey Aitken

Joeleen B. Akin

Mark Akridge

Johanna H. Alexander


Greg Antine

Betsy Apple '14

Arke Systems

Elizabeth Arriaga '15

Tara Arthur

Isabel Atkinson '14

Ann Marie Baggett

Katherine Baggett

Linwood M. Baggett

Sheryl Baggett

Justice Barber

Cori Barniak

Amy Gay Bell

Julie Bellem

Matthew Bellem

Bailey Benjamin '14

Jane E. Bigham '06

Daisy Bourassa

Brock Brockington

LaTwanda E. Broughton '06

Jerry Brown

Lori Anne Brown

Whitney J. Brown '07

Lauren L. Bryant-Davis '06

Julia Alexander Caldwell '06

Stephanie Paige Calhoun

Cece Carlton

Wallace Carr

Madeline Chenevert '16

Kristen Christensen

Angie Clawson

Matthew Cochran

Chandler M. Converse '14

Eddie Cortes

Christopher Cox

Matt Crowder

Rebecca Cup '17

Nissa Rae Curtis

Aaron Paul Custead

Tyler Payne Custead

Lee Davis

Pascale M. Desplanque

Aditia Deverell

Jenna DiMaria

Hayley Dixon '15

Maria Docal

Oivia Docal

Theresa Docal

André Domingues

Sarah Draper

Alison Duncan

Colleen Dutko

Hannah Dyson

Henry Eyer

Kristen A. Flaggs '06

Meghan Franklin '15

Dana Fugaro

Martha Galloway

Andy Gastley

Emilie Kirkup Gastley '06

Natasha Gastley

Nick Gastley

Barbara P. Gibson

Casie L. Giddings

Sarah Marie Giddings

William Giddings

Ann Glendinning '68

Ed Glidewell

Lindsey Gardner Gomes '14

Brooke Gram

David Gram

Elizabeth Greenbaum

Robert Greenbaum

Josie Griffin

Gary Griffin

Laura Guenin

Catarina Gutierrez '06

Gida Hammami '09

Bohdan Harris

Donna P. Harris

Donna Harris

Rebekalyn Harris

Jacilyn Harrison

Sara Hauk

Gary Hauk

Theresa Hoak

Sarah Marie Huban

Gué Pardue Hudson '68

Debbie Hull

Desiree Maria Jamerson

Andrea Jensen

Elizabeth Jones

Jane J. Kaney

Katannya Kapeli

Ryan Kimball

King & Spalding

Jeff Kinsinger

Christine Kirkley

Kristi Louise Kontak '06

Joe Laird

Laura Tuttle Lê '06

Donna A. Lee

Michelle LeGault

Veronica Leon '14

Marsha Lewis

Matt Lewis

Berenice Luna '15

M. & P. Shopping Centers

Jessica Magno '14

Darrell Mann

Kathy Mann

Faith Mann

Frances King Mann '45

Lauren Mann

Chris Marshall

Sarah Vorobjovs Martin

Tracy Ann McCollough

Matthew McCurley

Kristen McLeskey

Danny Meherally

Eva Chitty Meherally '06

McKenzie E. Miller

Peggy Miller

Roger Mills

Ashley Muller

Courtney Muller

Garon Muller

David Murphy

Pamela Murphy

Dana Lynne Notestine '06

Suzanne Rose Onorato

Liz Osborne

Maureen Osborne

Mattie Leah Owenby '01

David Pacini

Martha Abbott Pacini

Paper Towns Vintage

Deborah Payne-Docal

Anna Pearce

CW Pearce

Phoebe Perry '14

Angie Pihera

Catherine Pratt '17

Mary Alison Qualman

Celeste Reeves

Jody Reeves

Mckenzie Reeves

Tim Reeves

Todd Reeves

Clayton Riale

Erica Robinson

Courtney Sotherland Roddenberry '06

Denise Rodriguez

Angela K. Rogers '06

Bridget Ann Roosa

Robert Howard Rosenbloom

Charles Rossignol

Jen Undutch Rossignol '06

Tamara Roundy

Kathryn F. Rubesch '05

Helen Schneider

Richard Schneider

Natalie Schofield

Kate Schrum '11

Helen Searles 

Reim Seid '15

Matt Sharrow

Janet C. Sigmond

Susan M. Simpson '06

Marilyn May Sinnett

Lauren Smith

Victoria Stopp '01

Nicoline Strom-Jensen '06

Cecelia Strong '06

Ethan Sudan '11

Andrea Sweetman '17

Julia Teare '14

Shannon Thompson

Ashley N. Timmons '06

John R. Tucker

Kristin Schneider Tucker '05

Karla Umana '16

Yana Vafiadis '06

David S. Vandiver III

Courtney Danielle Ware '06

Leslie Lyons Watkins '84

Jenny Watters

Nhuy Weidinger

Ashley Wells

Greg Wells

Jessica Taylor Whittingham '06

Courtney P. Wiggins

Audrey Williams

Robert Williams

Adisty Wilson

Ashley Lane Witter

Gwen Cherry Woodard '01

Stephanie Yoshimura

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