Graduation Gift Fall 2019

This campaign ends on December 31 at 11:59PM EST

The Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College Graduation Class Gift is an opportunity for the Class of 2018 to support the future of ABAC and become part of the great tradition of joining the ABAC Alumni Association. In 1908, the Second District A & M School, now known as ABAC opened for its first classes. As a reminder of this mark in history, we are offering the Class of 2018 a discounted membership rate of $19.08 to become a part of the ABAC Alumni Association. To note your status as a new member of the Alumni Association, you’ll receive a beautiful green and gold graduation cord to wear on graduation day and to keep as a memory of the milestone you achieved at ABAC.

While this year may be filled with job applications and many new life choices, now is the time to come together and celebrate your time at ABAC. We hope that you will reflect on your own ABAC experience and remember the professors, friendships, and moments that made an impact on you. The Graduation Gift is just one of the many ways that you can celebrate the Class of 2018, and forever remember the experiences you left and gained while on the campus of Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College.

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18% Alumni

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44% Students

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Donor list

Aubree Wilcox
Lauren Olivia Maule
Landon Patrick Rowe
Abby Cromer
Roland Dylan Thomas
Bailee Ann Thompson & Bailee
Mellanie Moore
Emily Merideth Jackson
Harlee A Hiatt
Dylan Richard Brantley
Angela D Hornsby
Rachel Mizell
Kaycee Goodman
Jill Robbins & Jill
Keylee Johnson
Coleman W Hice
Jessica H Nelson
Kayla Danielle Austin
Abigail McMillan
Valerie Hernandez
Carmen Guzman-Castro
Aljovon E Martin
Michelle Roberts & Michelle
Loren Lindler
Sabrina Harris
Tiffany A Smith
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