Fund for AFS 2020 Day of Giving

This campaign ended on February 15, 2020, but you can still make a gift to Abington Friends School by clicking here!

We need YOUR help to make the 

Fund for AFS 2020 Day of Giving a success!


The Fund for AFS honors our school’s commitment to cultivate creative, dynamic and fearless learning while staying true to our Quaker roots. Your support of the Fund for AFS has the ability to impact every aspect of our campus and community.


To which Fund for AFS area of support will you show your love during the AFS 2020 Day of Giving?

When you support Visual and Performing Arts, your gift will enable our students to find the joy of creative self-expression through our award winning theater programs, making music accessible to all and strengthening the ways our students connect the visual arts to the broader world.

When you support Athletics and Wellness, you inspire students to achieve a new sense of self and community. Athletics and Wellness at AFS develops leadership skills, instills healthy lifestyles, teaches the importance of being a good teammate and the practice of showing good sportsmanship both on and off a playing field.

When you support Campus Care, you enable our 323 year-old campus to thrive while updating and innovating how our students utilize our outdoor spaces including our Headwaters Discovery Playground and Redbud Playground, our maintenance and partnership with the Jenkintown Creek Restoration Project and caring for the first accredited secondary school arboretum on campus.

When you support Tuition Assistance, your gift helps our school thrive by attracting and engaging exceptional students who represent diverse cultures and life experiences.

When you support Academic Innovation and Student Programs, your gift nurtures the growth in intellect, self-knowledge, leadership and clear values we see in our students while they are members of the AFS community as well as our faculty through professional development opportunities. Programs for students range from Robotics to AFS Outside. Global Travel to Makers Spaces to MedEx, LawEx and BizEx. Students at AFS grow as communicators, thinkers and creators.

When you support the Area of Greatest Need,  your vital, unrestricted gift to AFS, enables us to put your donation directly towards the areas of greatest and most immediate need while supporting every student at AFS pursue an educational experience that develops them into global citizens who will go on to lead lives of purpose.




US Donor Map

AFS Areas to Support

Area of SupportDonorsDollars
Fund for AFS - Area of Greatest Need 85$24,876
Fund for AFS - Tuition Assistance 20$2,239
Fund for AFS - Visual and Performing Arts 10$900
Fund for AFS - Athletics and Wellness 6$411
Fund for AFS - Academic Innovation and Student Programs 5$427
Fund for AFS - Campus Care 1$10,000

Donor affiliations

26% Alumni

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3% Students

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15% Faculty/Staff

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4% Friends

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3% Grandparent

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46% Parent

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Donor list

Kenneth Curry
Kathy Adams-House
Brian Schiff & Susan Kardon
Mark Levenstien
Kenneth G Biehn
Ross Shanken
Nica Waters Fleming & Rob Fleming
James Samuels
Riza C. Cebula
Matthew Pohubka
Dong N Son
Andrea Mehrotra
Audra Romano
Michael Cohen
Lucas D. Piccinini
Cynthia McCloskey
Amy Bedrick
Nicholas Sinni
Joanna Smith
Nora Guyer
Shalimar Reddy
Bonita Huggins
Sophie Waldman
Suellen- F. Newman & TThomas W. Newman
Janine Ehsani & Mehdi Ehsani
Andrea Highbloom
Patrick Cobbs & Jodi Bornstein
Virginia T. Wilkinson
Scott & Jodi Gratson
Alex, A, Wanerman
Lindsay Newlon
Robin Shane
Jeffrey Peterson
Laine Kaplan

No Matches
Chris D'Angelo gave $3,000