Supporting a Campaign

There are many ways to support a cause you believe in on GiveCampus.


Learn support donate

Donations are tax deductible, and the school receives 100% of your gift.


Learn support advocate
Spreading the word and encouraging others are key ingredients of success.
GiveCampus empowers you to go the extra mile by:

with your network.

Learn support advocate share

Each campaign has links for you to share via email and on social media.

a Personal Plea.

Learn support advocate plea

On GiveCampus, you can add your own personal video to a campaign.

a Matching Donation.

Learn support advocate match

On GiveCampus, you can motivate others by promising to make their donations go even further.

Quantifying your impact.

If you log in to Advocate, you'll receive unique links to share and we'll count how many clicks to a campaign you generate, how many of those clicks lead to donations, and the sum of those donations. We also show how Personal Pleas and Matching Donations are helping a campaign.
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Make a Personal Plea

Learn support plea
Nothing is more effective than a personal appeal, so we've made it easy to add your unique perspective to a campaign.

Personal Pleas are short videos in which you explain why you support a campaign and why others should do the same.

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Offer a Match

Learn support match

When someone knows that their gift will have an even greater impact thanks to a Matching Donation, amazing things happen.

On GiveCampus, you can set up a Per-Dollar match (e.g., '$1 for every $1 donated') or a Per-Donor match (e.g., '$10 for every new donor'). In both cases, you specify how long your match will last and the total amount you are willing to donate.
Learn support match card

Upping the ante with your network.

Learn support friends
A friendly "challenge" is a great way to capture someone's attention. When you share a campaign, make a Plea, or offer a Match, don't just share it with everyone you know and hope for the best — tailor it to a specific group of friends, roommates, teammates, classmates, or peers. Tag them in your Facebook post, send them a personal email, or mention their name in your Plea video. Challenge them to participate in a meaningful effort and join you in supporting the cause.

Rewarding your efforts.

Learn support reward
Many campaigns offer incentives for top Advocates, such as merchandise from the school they are supporting or cash credit that they can donate to a campaign of their choice. Look for details in the Incentives section of the campaign page.