Creating a Campaign

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Maybe you want to raise money for your alma mater as part of an upcoming reunion...
Maybe you want to support a student group that enhanced your campus experience...
Maybe you want to boost the endowment of a scholarship that helped you go to college...
Or maybe you want to create a new scholarship altogether.
You can do it.
Whatever your vision, GiveCampus gives you the tools to make it a reality.
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Anyone can create a campaign.

In most cases, anyone can create a campaign for a school that is on GiveCampus -- students, alumni, parents, friends, faculty, or staff. Visit your school's GiveCampus page to double-check and to review your school's campaign guidelines.

It's simple.

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Running a campaign requires time and effort, but we've made it easy to get started.

It's free.

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There are no fees to create and launch a campaign.

You won't be alone.

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GiveCampus experts will be by your side, ready to assist with anything you need.

The Basics: Campaigns-101

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Step 1: Select the cause or initiative you want to support.

The only requirement is that your campaign meet your school's guidelines. These guidelines are designed to match your interests with the areas of greatest need, so that your campaign has the most impact.
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Step 2: Determine what your goal will be.

You can define your goal as a number of dollars OR as a number of donors. You must reach your goal for your campaign to succeed and be funded, so be strategic.
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Step 3: Decide how long your campaign will last.

For most campaigns, we recommend about 30 days -- enough time to get the word out while sustaining a sense of urgency.
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Step 4: Build your campaign page.

The main components are a personal video and a written description.
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Step 5: Set your campaign up for success.

Successful campaigns start before they launch. Getting the word out and pre-selling are key. You’ll want to recruit as many supporters as possible in advance -- people who will donate, offer Matches and Challenges, and Advocate for the campaign.
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Step 6: Launch, and don’t let up.

Plan to talk to people about your campaign, send emails, and post on social media. You'll also want to engage your supporters with regular campaign updates.
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Step 7: Have fun!

Your campaign is going to have a meaningful impact—so don’t forget to smile!

We’re with GiveCampus, and we’re here to help.

We want your campaign to succeed, so we offer tools and advice throughout the process.

Trade Secrets

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Our Tips for Success are a must-read before you get started. We’ve done a lot of research on what works, and we want your campaign to benefit from it.

Hands-on advice

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A GiveCampus expert is assigned to each campaign, to answer questions and help along the way. Have a question right now? Contact us!