At GiveCampus, our mission is to help people realize their dreams for education.

We are driven to make education more affordable and accessible and to ensure that schools have the resources to equip students with the skills and experiences they need to succeed.

How it works...

Learn 01

Someone creates a campaign for a cause they care about, at their school of choice.

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Learn 02

They rally friends to support the cause by making donations and spreading the word.

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Learn 03

The school receives 100% of the money raised and puts it to use for the cause.

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It's Social!

GiveCampus is a social platform — and the more social you are, the more fun you'll have. When you sign up or log in, we'll connect you with people and campaigns from the school(s) you attended. And if you log in with Facebook, we'll also connect you with your friends and the campaigns they are involved in.
Join the GiveCampus community by creating or supporting a campaign today.