“FH is the single greatest reason I completed college. I was struggling in a lot of ways during my freshman year. I pledged as a sophomore and not only completed my BS in Mechanical Engineering with a job offer in hand; moreover, I had been blessed with close relationships (friends, mentors, leaders) that I still treasure 10 years later.” - Trent Kruessel (MO 11)

"The brotherhood of FarmHouse was key to my personal development, and our family is so pleased to see it continue for both of our sons." 
- Rod Penner (NE 84)

"I believe FarmHouse left an indelible positive mark on all of us and has had a significant, underlying effect on how we relate to others in our lives. I encourage everyone to reflect on this and to consider keeping FarmHouse on our list with which to participate, financially as well as with personal involvement." - Pete Weisenberger (MS 78)

"I can't say enough good things about FarmHouse. My son transferred his junior year and always had a group he felt he belonged. He has made some lifelong friends. I'm really glad he became a part of FarmHouse." - Parent

“I love how FarmHouse changed/shaped my husband and son for the better. FH played a huge role in why they are both strong, successful men of God.” - Brenda Wyse

"Being a member of FarmHouse has been one of the biggest honors of my life. I never thought that I would be in a fraternity of such high character and excellence. Being a part of FarmHouse has taught me what it means to be a man in today’s society and how to lead well amongst my peers. Being a FarmHouse member makes me proud of the man I am becoming, not just on campus but in today's world."
- Griffin Morris (AU 22)

"We feel very fortunate that Ross found his place at MSU. FarmHouse has been a great place for Ross. He has met lifelong friends and felt included since the day he joined. Thank you!" - Christine and Tony Neles

"Being a member represents a commitment to the ideals that are highest and noblest, and I feel a deep sense of pride and brotherhood with other FarmHouse brothers I meet in my travels."
- Grant DeBruin (OH 22)