Below is a description of the funds - 

Bicentennial Fund: Money donated here will go towards the Bicentennial celebration itself – such as renting tents and spaces on Grounds, offsetting food and drink, and other weekend costs. Additional funds will go towards an endowment to be used for future 25-year celebrations so that we can continue to gather to celebrate our perpetual existence. 

Jefferson Literary and Debating Society Fund:  This fund covers the semesterly operations of the Society – from Wilson and Founder’s Day to the Poe Contest and Probationary Packets. The General Fund provides essential support for our organization's day-to-day operations and allows us to adapt to emerging needs and opportunities.

Jefferson Hall Fund: This fund is used to support our historical space, Hotel C, West Range. In the past, this fund has been used to replace Hall chairs, commission the portraits of Dr. Harris and Judge Lynn, and update our award plaques. We hope to use the funds to build more bookshelves, repair the chairs and desks behind the bar, paint, and more to maintain our space. Contributions to this fund supports the preservation and enhancement of our historical space, ensuring we continue to meet here for generations to come. 

The Speaker Series Endowment: This fund allows us to attract and support incredible speakers by paying for their travel, lodging, and dinner expenses. Some of our recent speakers have included former Governor Deval Patrick, Mary Beth Tinker, President Jim Ryan, and Mohsin Syed. By bringing influential voices to Grounds, we can continue to foster intellectual dialogue and inspire future leaders within and outside the Society.

Room 7 Endowment: This fund goes towards covering the rent and maintenance expenses of Room 7, West Lawn, so that Room 7 Residents can continue to live there without cost.