What is The (603) Challenge?   

UNH’s signature annual fundraising campaign that offers alumni, parents, faculty, staff, students and friends the chance to make a gift to their favorite areas across the university, with opportunities to have their gift matched or further amplified through bonus and area challenges, which are underwritten by generous donors.   

What are the official rules?   

Why should you support UNH during The (603) Challenge?   

Making a gift to UNH, at any time, will help ensure that current and future students have an inspiring, transformative, and educational experience while at UNH. But making your gift during The (603) Challenge specifically allows you to magnify the overall impact of your philanthropy to the areas that mean the most to you, thanks to the opportunity for gifts of any amount to be increased through matching funds, bonus and area challenges.  

How do you make a gift to be counted in The (603) Challenge?   

The quickest and easiest method for giving is online, which will make your gift eligible for matching and bonus funds. If you prefer to make your gift over the phone, call 603-862-3694 or mail a check to the UNH Foundation at 9 Edgewood Road, Durham, NH 03824. Gifts received via any method during the challenge and through specific challenge communications will count in the totals, both overall and for the individual areas, but only online gifts can earn a match or bonus. 

What areas can you support?   

ANY! That is one of the best parts of the challenge. UNH encourages you to give to the area(s) you’re most connected to, which could be a college, academic department, athletic team, student organization, scholarship, program, initiative, etc. With hundreds of fund designations to choose from, we are confident you will find an area of interest, however, if you don’t see the specific area you want to give to listed on the site, simply select “other” and write in a description – we’ll be sure your gift is designated accordingly. If your gift cannot be designated as you intend, we will follow up with you directly to confirm the best alternative for your gift. You can also select multiple funds!  

How much should I give?   

The amount is entirely up to you! From $6.03 to $603, gifts of all sizes are always appreciated, and because the goal of this challenge is maximizing participation, each gift counts the same in our quest to receive gifts from as many donors as possible.   

Where did the funds to match gifts and issue bonus and area challenges come from?   

UNH is fortunate to have a group of generous underwriters who provide the highly motivating pool of matching funds and issue the bonus and area challenges each year. Their generosity has been the key to this challenge’s success since its inception. If you are interested in rallying your fellow Wildcats to join you in supporting UNH, you might consider being a member of the Underwriters’ Club too. You can initiate your own match or challenge directly through this site or contact us if you would like to discuss further. 

What if the matching funds run out?   

Having your gift matched can have the biggest impact but those funds do run out quick! There will be bonus challenges, separate from the initial match, announced throughout the challenge that will allow you to potentially increase the impact of your gift by having additional funds added to it. Additionally, certain areas across the university have their own challenges, and supporting these areas can allow them to unlock additional funding if they reach their donor goal.  

What are “bonus challenges”?   

Thanks to generous underwriters, there are also several opportunities that will be unveiled throughout the challenge, that can help your gift have a greater impact. The exact details of these bonus challenges are a surprise until announced so be sure to check your email, social media and the website for that exciting news. The official rules for each bonus challenge will be announced when they launch.

What are “area challenges”?   

Thanks to generous underwriters who have specified their support to underwrite a challenge for an area, these areas can unlock additional funding if they achieve the donor goal they set for the challenge. The amount of additional funds the area will receive if it hits its goal. 

Are there other ways to get involved in addition to or besides giving? 

Yes! The best way to be involved in the challenge beyond giving to it is to spread the word to your fellow Wildcats. Tag them on social media using #UNH603, call, text or email them to let them know this campaign is happening. It’s helpful to share with them why you choose to give back to UNH and encourage them to join you in making a gift to their favorite area(s) of the university for the chance to maximize their impact. There are convenient share buttons on this site and if you want to track your progress, record personal plea videos, or access additional content, sign up to be an advocate via this site. Also share your favorite Wildcat photo on Facebook or Instagram and use #IBelievein603 to be entered to win UNH swag!  

What if my employer will match my gift? 

Matching gift programs through your current or former employer or through your spouse’s employer are another great way to double or even triple your gift. When you make your gift online, you can search to see if any companies you are affiliated with offer a match and by selecting them, you will receive follow-up information on how to claim the match. Thanks for exploring the opportunity to get more funds to UNH besides your own gift.