Architecture Table

We are a club of aspiring architects, designers, and creators of all kinds who care about spatial presentation and making. Your contributions will help fund group visits to regional museums like MassMOCA, and to other architectural sites of interest beyond campus. These visits will help extend students’ understandings of exactly what architecture can achieve.

Jewelry Club

The Middlebury Jewelry Club teaches students how to solder in order to make their own jewelry (rings, pendants, earrings, etc.). Our goal is to foster creativity for students to work hands-on to make something that is wearable. As a club, we are just starting out—so your contributions will make a huge difference in our ability to get off the ground by finding enough equipment to teach students how to solder and work individually on projects.

Middlebury Diversity in Business (MiddDIB)

MiddDIB is a hub for Middlebury students of color to connect with mentors, learn about opportunities, and get access to additional diversity programs. As a pre-professional organization, we seek to make career opportunities more accessible to students from underserved backgrounds. Your contributions will help fund initiatives including trips to Burlington to help students create a professional wardrobe for interviews, case competitions, and internships.