Club Nordic

Club Nordic is committed to introducing new people to cross-country skiing by removing financial barriers to the sport. We strive to provide rental equipment and ski waxing hours open to the entire student body, but we’ve struggled to keep up with demand given our current fleet of rental skis. Your donations will allow us to expand the size of our rental skate ski fleet, which means more students will be able to try cross-country skiing (and specifically skate skiing) at no personal cost.

Club Tennis

Club Tennis is a student-led organization dedicated to promoting tennis among students through practices, matches, and tournaments. Your donations will allow more students to participate in the club, regardless of financial barriers—and will also help us cover equipment purchases (racquets, balls, and other materials) to accommodate our growing membership.

Figure SkatingClub

The Middlebury College Figure Skating Club is one of the most in-demand recreational activities on campus. Every week, students come to the Kenyon Arena in hopes of getting on the ice, but more often than not, we are forced to turn many away due to lack of skates. Your contributions will support the purchase of new skates so we can make figure skating accessible to every student, and will also help us grow and develop our spring competition team.

FIRE: Fostering Inclusive Recreation Experiences

Fostering Inclusive Recreation Experiences (FIRE) runs outdoor trips for students of color, led by students of color. Our trips include hiking, backpacking, canoeing, rock climbing, snowshoeing, fishing, and our most popular activity—skiing. Your contributions will help us to better meet the overwhelming demand we have for skiing lessons and equipment, so we can get more students out on the slopes of the Snow Bowl for the first time.

Free Heelers

The Middlebury Freeheelers make telemark and backcountry skiing more accessible to all Middlebury students. We’re the only student organization that lends out ski gear to students (for free), and we’ve had a big surge in interest this year. Your donations will help us expand our fleet of telemark skis, boots, and skins—making skiing more accessible to everyone at Middlebury.

Log Rolling Club

We’re the nation's oldest collegiate log rolling club, and we love keeping the tradition alive by introducing students to this part of our region’s, and our school’s, history. Your donations will support the purchase of a new high-quality rolling log from Key Log Rolling, which will allow more students to participate during our practices. Help keep Middlebury rolling!

Men’s Club Soccer

Men’s Club Soccer takes pride in being one of the biggest club sports teams on campus. Given our Tier 3 status, our budget is fairly limited considering each game costs over $500 to organize (referee, EMT, and other costs). Your donations will help us ensure that next fall, we can get as many members into games as possible and also have the flexibility to attend any regional tournaments, should we qualify.

Men’s Club Volleyball

The Men's Club Volleyball team is seeking support to elevate our program in the New England Collegiate Volleyball League (NECVL). Your contributions will help fund our travel to tournaments, provide high-quality volleyballs, and outfit our team with new jerseys—ensuring we compete at the highest level. Your support is not only an investment in our team's success, but in the values of teamwork and dedication that define our sport.

Mountain Club

The Middlebury Mountain Club is the oldest and largest club at Middlebury. We lead free-of-cost hiking, boating, climbing, and winter trips throughout Vermont, the Adirondacks, and beyond (recently Peru, Quebec, and North Carolina) during the Winter, Feb, and Spring breaks. These trips are expensive, requiring guides with advanced medical and technical certifications. Your donations will help cover these costs and allow us to continue, and expand, our break trip offerings.

Pond Hockey Club

Middlebury Club Pond Hockey offers a semi-competitive and casual setting for students to enjoy the sport of ice hockey, and our membership is growing. We’ve recently been approved to practice with full equipment, and we’re raising money to buy equipment to be used by members who lack access to skates, gloves, sticks, etc. Your donations will also help us to begin offering opportunities for fully competitive, non-contact hockey games, and to expand our club’s influence on campus.

Women’s Club Soccer

Women’s Club Soccer provides a competitive and fun opportunity for students to play organized soccer. Players can join our travel roster and play in a national club league, or just participate in open practices and kick the ball around. Your donations will help us cover referee, EMT, and transportation costs of hosting friendly scrimmages during the off-season, and give us more flexibility during our primary season as we consider hosting more home games.

Women’s Club Volleyball

We are a group of 15 passionate volleyball players who are excited to compete in local club tournaments. Your donations will help us become a more established, cohesive group on campus by funding transportation to tournaments and allowing us to purchase new equipment (specifically a new net and balls), as well as team merchandise.

Yoga Club

The Yoga Club provides free yoga and pilates to students every day of the week. At the end of this spring semester, we will have no certified Yoga instructors in our club—which means students attending our popular Yoga classes will not be able to get a PE credit. Your donations will help us to pay for training to certify some of our dedicated instructors, so they will be able to award students PE credits, as well as gain more skills to implement when teaching.