The DissipatedEight

The Dissipated Eight has a rich 70-year history at Middlebury. We were the College’s first a cappella group, and we carry on the legacy of our D8 predecessors by singing some of the same classic tunes and dressing our best. We would like to resume our long-standing tradition of carrying the spirit of barbershop a cappella to Bermuda and performing over spring break. Your donations will help us restart this great tradition, which was paused due to pandemic travel restrictions.  

Evolution Dance Crew

Evolution Dance Crew is a performing arts organization now celebrating its 10th anniversary. Our mission is to combine global diasporas of dance with fresh and exciting choreography to create pieces that show the evolutionary trend of urban dance. Your donations will support transforming campus spaces to be used by student organizations involved in dance and performing arts.

The Mamajamas

The Mamajamas are a singing group of individuals who love to make music together! Every fall, we tour throughout greater New England for the weekend of Middlebury’s fall break. Due to the club’s financial limitations, however, we typically can’t travel as far as we would like to, and some expenses must be paid out of pocket by our members. Your donations will help us expand our geographical reach and cover expenses on our next Fall Tour.

Musical Theatre (MCMT)

Middlebury College Musical Theatre (MCMT) is the College's hub for all things musical—from cabarets to musicals to karaoke nights. MCMT is dedicated to keeping the tradition of musical theatre alive at Middlebury College. Following recent SAO policy changes, however, MCMT can no longer use club funds to produce musicals. Your donations will help us continue to bring joy to the Middlebury community through musical theatre!

RIDDIM World Dance Troupe

RIDDIM World Dance Troupe is an affirming space that embraces the exploration of an inclusive artistic process of dance and centers a diverse practice of dance forms with the desire to dismantle the tool of whiteness and how it operates in the world of dance. Every semester, we put on two SOLD-OUT shows for 800 students. Your donations will help us fund costumes, decorations, photographers, videographers, ushers, tech crew, and security for these performances.

Stuck in the Middle

We are SIM. Middlebury's only a cappella group (don't look it up). Founded in 2002, we spend a few hours every week learning banging songs, performing at school and town venues, going on tour, and every once in a while, recording an album. But at the heart of it all, we're still the same -- just a group who loves to sing, hang out, and have fun together.SIM is currently raising money for an album!