Charter House Coalition

Charter House Coalition is a volunteer-based, community-supported service organization that provides shelter, warm meals, and friendly faces to those in need of assistance in Middlebury, Vermont, including an ever-increasing homeless population. Your donations will help a Middlebury resident go to sleep with a full belly and happy heart!

Civics in Action

Civics in Action gives students direct access to local and state government. Your donations will help us provide students with transportation to the Middlebury Town Hall meetings each year, so they can learn the most direct form of democracy and civics—and will help us send individual students to the Statehouse to testify in front of the Vermont Legislature on bills they care about.

Middlebury Alternative Breaks (MAlt)

Every February break, the Middlebury Alternative Breaks (MAlt) program sends between 60 and 70 students on experiential learning trips to communities across North and Central America. A MAlt trip is an opportunity for students to learn about a community outside of Vermont, to learn about themselves, and to develop skills in civic engagement. Your contributions will help support an additional MAlt trip, with the goal of covering all travel expenses and training for participants.

The Middlebury Campus

The Middlebury Campus is Middlebury’s student-run on-campus newspaper. We publish over 20 stories weekly across News, Local, Arts & Culture, Sports, and Opinions Sections. Your donations will help us improve our editing process and the quality of our news coverage—by supporting the purchase of new desktop Mac computers to replace our current machines, which often have trouble connecting to the server and handling all of the functions we need them for.


MiddVotes is Middlebury’s non-partisan student organization dedicated to getting out the student vote. We aim to increase the Middlebury community’s democratic engagement by educating community members on local, state, and national politics and promoting civic engagement. Your donations will support our election-related events next fall, such as voter registration drives, state house visits, driving students to polls, debate and election watch parties, and supplies.

The Mill

The Mill is a social house that fosters a safe, vibrant community of artistic, creative music lovers in Middlebury. The devastating flooding Vermont experienced in summer 2023 wiped out all of our belongings, which were in the basement for summer storage as per school policy. Your donations will help us repair and improve our basement—the heart of our event and social space—and continue to replace and replenish all that has been lost (paint, lights, decorations, furniture, etc.).

Mock Trial

We are a student-run competitive speech and debate club founded in 2018. We have 15 members who are dedicated to spending months preparing a fictional legal case by writing direct and cross examinations, learning witness roles, and gaining an appreciation for the law. Due to limited funds, we are only able to attend one competition per year. Your donations will help us compete at more tournaments, and boost our chance of advancing to the national tournament for the first time.

PALANA Social House

PALANA is the Pan-African, Latinx, Asian, Native American multicultural student organization. We work to create spaces for inclusion and diversity on campus, host events centered around identity and rooted in BIPOC joy, and expand the opportunities available to students of color at Middlebury. Your donations will help us upgrade our communal house furniture, fund student projects that create community and positive social impact, and support our “Palana stole” tradition for seniors.

Sunday Night Environmental Group (SNEG)

The Sunday Night Environmental Group is Middlebury College’s oldest environmental activist group. We provide opportunities for students and community members to become educated on current environmental justice challenges, and to take action. Your donations will help us host more educational speakers and artists on campus, support a growing number of active group members, and increase access to environmental activist spaces for students and community members alike.