I believe in the program an how it enrich our students! Let's go Warriors! 

- Valory Cabrera

LC State Basketball was good to me and now I want to do what I can to help the program.

- Tyler Higbie

Myself, my wife and my two oldest kids have graduated from LCSC, and the degree I received from LCSC has given not only me but my family opportunities that otherwise would not have been possible.

- Thunder Orlando Garcia 

To support women's volleyball.

- Teresa Beckett

Judy Fong was a special lady and someone worth honoring.

- Tate & Soo Lee Smith

Because Katie Rainville is an incredible human being!

- Tasha Rudolph

Love the LC women's basketball team! Go Warriors.

- Tamara Orlandi

Great kids from Rathdrum, ID! 

- Suzanne Gallus


- Shannon Smith

Austin Johnson.

- Ryan Kosmicki

For love of the sport and as gratitude for the sponsors I had during my years on the LCSCXC team, go Warriors. 

- Rosa Bautista Holt

LC State is a super college & a huge benefit to our L/C Valley.

- Rogers Motors

Supporting my daughter Katie Rainville and her volleyball team!

- Robert Rainville

Let's Go Warriors!

- Rita Booth

Coach Johnson is the man and the single greatest Coach/Human Being ever involved with LCSC Athletics.

- Raymond Stout

The forever for a program that changes lives is important! 

- Nolan Glueckert

During my education I received aid and support that was very much appreciated. I know every little bit counts and hope this will continue for Native American students.  Thank you LCSC for a wonderful and positive experience!

- Myra Campbell

The world's best Judy.

- Molly Preston

I am am LC alum. Both of my kids are now studying there. I could not be happier with the experiences they are having there. LCSC is a part of  our family - Go Warriors!! 

- Mike and Paula Schulte

We love LC State College and fully support the Women's Basketball.

- Linda Myers

LC State is a great asset to the LC Valley.

- Kimberly Beck

Evan Overmars, my grandson is on the Warriors baseball team.

- Merry Nye

In honor of Judy Fong, my sweet cousin.

- Melanie Johnson

LCSC is a great partner and is huge for this community. 

-Mcvey Entertainment Group

I love Mak Stout and watching her team play!

- Lynnette Van Orden

Juliauna Forgach Aguilar Representing Morenci Az!! Go Warriors!! 

- Linda Madrid

Grateful for the tennis program!

- Leila Thamer

I give to LC State for Natany Guimaraes!!!

- Lani Bursey

My son, Zach Anderson, is the golf coach.  I see how passionate he is about the program and how much giving benefits his players.  GO WARRIORS!!! 

- Laura Anderson

Brooklynn Menti

- Kimberly Merrill

Love my time and experience at LCSC!

- Kelsey Weiss

When I came to LC to play VB there was this lady who was teaching kids how to play VB.  Her name was Judy Fong.  I coached with her at LC and at LHS and she became my friend.  She is the reason for volleyball in this valley.  I loved my time at LC and I loved Judy, she made me a better coach and person.

- Kelly Harwick

Daughter was a volleyball player all four years and loved it there.

- Karen & Steve Maciboba

Julianna Jean Forgach -Aguilar

- Julie Forgach

Love the LCSC golf kids from 2000-2002

- Jim Bob Coleman

My son was given a baseball scholarship in early 2000's and it is my way to pay it back.

- Jill Newton

It's home!

- Jen Holley

Supporting a former student!

- Jason Hanson

Our daughter told us to!

- Imelda Buckingham

Judy Fong was one of my besties and I love that Katie is doing this in honor of her and her impact.

- Heidi Cornell

Proud grandparents.  Excellent volleyball program!

- Duane & Connie Seaman

Judy Fong was a good friend and an amazing woman.  I met her when she was dating Kai and was so very impressed and awed by her enthusiasm and dedication to her family and her passions. 

- Douglas Nelson

Because of the Baseball Team.

- Denny Grubb

Granddaughter goes to college there.

- Debra Taylor

Because Judy Hansmann Fong was my idol and one of the BEST big sisters.

- Debbie (Hansmann) Miller

For my daughter, Chelsey Leighton Church, who had a great experience while competing on the XC/Track & Field! I love seeing all of the local talent the program has drawn. Go Warriors!

- Dawn Leighton

My nephew played basketball for LC and now my cousins daughter (Mac Stout) is playing volleyball for LC. Great opportunity for these young athletes.  I am a U of I alum, however have always had much respect for LC.

- David Stout

The community deserves a terrific tennis center run by a terrific staff. 

- Danny Wang

Because Judy Fong's name deserves to be  recognized and memorialized at LC State.

- Christine Formolo

Rodney is doing great things with Hospitality Management and deserves to be rewarded.

- Courtney Toth

Because Coach Collins recruits wonderful student-athletes and is a great mentor! 

- Coach Goose

Because Coach Taylor is awesome!

- Coach Goose

Because the tennis coaches are remarkable humans!

- Coach Goose

Because Coach Johnson always has great advice!

- Coach Goose

Judy was an amazing soul! I had the honor of working with her at McGhee Elementary for many years! She had such a light about her that was so positive, caring, and motivating to everyone she taught and with her colleagues as well.

- Christine Kaufman

Great students at a super college!

-Chris Loseth

To support my niece!

-Cheryl Plasterer

For the stellar tennis program that Kai Fong runs!

- Chelsea Chavarria (Gay)

I love the volleyball coaches and think Austin Johnson's the best basketball coach!!! 

- Chelsea Blewett

I give because of Rick Hill, Paul Thompson, Colleen Mahoney and Willard Teel. Our coaching staff, Kai Fong, Mike Collins, Zach Anderson, Jake Taylor, Caelyn Orlandi, Austin Johnson and Katie Palmer. 

- Brooke Henze

I played a little Baseball at LCSC in the 80s and have fond memories with my Dad, Mom.

- Brian K. Walker  

Former Warrior Golfer!

- Brad Faller

Great school and program cost is affordable.

- Bill and Colette Lucas

Wonderful local College.

- Berry Barnes

The golf team gave me a brotherhood for life. The College itself was an awesome experience I will forever cherish!

- Ben House

Our grandson runs Cross-Country for LCSC.

- Arbella Cochran

We are so appreciative of the coaching staff for LC cross country and track and field!

-April Parsells

Supporting coaches and players!

- Andrew Wilson

I love Katie Palmer!

- Jen Greeny

For Coach Mack!

- Shelby Mack

My daughter Austyn Lewis Shelden had such a positive experience playing volleyball at LCSC! And as her parent we enjoyed watching her grow as an athlete by Jen and Burdette Greeny's coaching! 

- Mona Oxford-Lyman

Mostly I give because of Kai Fong.

- Aaron Bren

I give because Coach Palmer is a Rock Star!! 

- Amy Cox

Great local college!

- Shari Johnson

Awesome school!

- Tammy Stout

I went to LCSC and they did not have a Hospitality Dept like they have now...I want to help it grow and get what they need to help students get real life experiences.

-Ami Farrington

My speedy niece!

- Paul Winterrowd

Love the Volleyball team.

- Max Hinrichs

It's the most amazing college! I support the students that attend LC!

- Jamie Olson

Because they ROCK! LCSC will forever be family.

- Jeanna Herrick

I believe in the mission of the Warrior Athletic Association and the impact they have on our amazing student-athletes. I feel lucky every day to be able to work around such inspiring and awesome young men and women! Go Warriors!!!

- George Laughlin

For my child.

- Amy Miller

You are an amazing school!

- Frances Hampton

I am supporting my son in law, Rodney Farrington, who has taken the hospitality program at LCSC and made it an amazing program for kids to learn real life skills to get a job once they graduate.

- Carol Lovejoy

I love Judy Fong and an so blessed that she was not only my colleague but she coached and taught both of my daughters. Also, Katie Palmer has been such an impactful positive individual on my daughters.

- Kristi Groff

This is an opportunity for future warriors.

- Brock Astle

To contribute to the sport my daughter loves!

-Tauna Oehlert

I love LCSC!  I am a retired faculty member and am part of the Foundation.  I chose the Hospitality Program as I am so proud of Rod Farrington and Megan for all they are doing for this wonderful program!  Go Warriors!

- Lori McCann

I am forever grateful for the experience and opportunities that were presented to me during my time at LC State. Coach Austin Johnson changed my life for the better by presenting me the opportunity to join the Men's basketball team in 2013. While playing on the men's basketball team was a huge part of my time spent at LCSC, the students, faculty, and wonderful people of the community are what made my five years so memorable. LCSC will always be my home away from home and I will never pass up an opportunity to give back to place that invested so much into my development. 

- Trea Thomas

Because Coach Fong's contribution to the community, to the game, and to my family is immeasurable.

- Bob and Carey Uhlenkott

To support the excellent students!

- Chris Moore

I believe in the vocational education programs being offered at LC for those students choosing career based program! Keep up the great work!!

- Ginny Drevlow

Just giving back to places I was involved when I was a student last year. 

- Amando Juarez

Because Taylin Rowley is just the best 

- Christine Woeller

I give for Tammy Stout.

- Kathryn Roueche

Great CTE programs and faculty!

- Dona Orr

Warrior Pride!

- Leslie Dotson

LC baseball teaches you life & go warriors!

- Kevin Hawk

Grace Osborne is on the track team. 

- Robin Holmes

We have a Volleyball Student Athlete (Taylin Rowley) who is a great gal and we love to support her and her team. 

- Swayze Chiropractic

My sister Jules plays for the Volleyball team at LC.

- Alizabeth Aguilar

As a former LC Golfer I know how tight budgets can be for this program.  Amazing contributors helped keep this program afloat during my era, and it's my obligation to return the favor.

- Corey Brown

For my friends daughter.

- Asiss Davis

To support LCSC Athletics.

- Ryan LaPlante

Because my daughter Juliauna Forgach-Aguilar plays on the team and LC has been great with how they help athletes and students there at LC.

- Ricardo Aguilar

Because it's the best school ever!

- Ella-Mae Keatts

It is a great school with wonderful people!

- Denise Hill

'Cause I love Shann Mack! 

- Mikaela Bentley

Granddaughter, Myah Parsons, plays women's golf.

- DeEtt Roach

Friend requested it!

- Anne Chen

I love Judy Fong and an so blessed that she was not only my colleague but she coached and taught both of my daughters. Also, Katie Palmer has been such an impactful positive individual on my daughters. 

- Kristi Groff

I'm proud to be an Alumni!!

- Kellie Gregory

Great school that changes lives for the better. 

- Take Smith

Jim is an LCSC Foundation member and 2 of our children graduated from LCSC.

- Sally and Jim Rehder

Both my husband and I graduated from LCSC and we loved our experience! 

- Michelle and Kevin Barger

Because I was fortunate to continue my education and Baseball career at LC.

- Kenneth Woods

Because I love it here!

- Brinley Lowe

Provides great opportunities for kids!

- Robert Deal

Supporting the Warrior Volleyball Program.

- Ken & Sandy Duft

Support our son & the baseball program.

- Scott & Christine Seamons

Supporting the Warrior Volleyball Program.

- Ken & Sandy Duft

My granddaughter goes there.

- Sandra Aguilar

CTE programs change lives by giving students quality, hands-on training in efficient time to become workforce ready for in-demand careers. 

- Michelle Nelson

A great local college.

- David and Carmen Petersen

Love this school and their programs!

- Brooke Sellmann

A great local college!

- David and Carmen Petersen

The Hospitality Management program is truly a phenomenal learning opportunity. Magen and Rodney go above and beyond to offer a learning experience like no other in the Pacific Northwest. Students learn the practical skills they need to be successful in a variety of Hospitality careers. 

- Angela Wilson

I gave to the AD Excellence Fund because no one cares for the students, staff, and community more than Brooke Henze. 

-Katie Palmer

LC State is an important place to my family and I. It's important I give back to the college I am so proud to have graduated from, and give to the college my nephew is at. My gift may be small, but any gift is impactful. 

-Jenna Everett

LCSC has been a great opportunity for our son to achieve his degree and a great place and team to play baseball the programs here a phenomenal. 

-Colette Lucas

I have been a Warrior for 26 years and believe in LC State's mission.  It is a GREAT school!!

- Vikki Swift Raymond

To support Warrior student athletes.

- Clayton & Samantha Malinich

Because my daughter is on the women's golf team.

- Alejandra Molina De Cardenas

I love being part of the LC State Family!

-Michelle McClure

My granddaughter is on the Volleyball Team.

- Jo Ann Higgins

Warrior Pride!

-Leslie Dotson

It has benefited myself and my peers in so many ways! I am thankful that LC gave me the resources needed so that I can give back.

- Emily McMullen

Our son runs on the track team and we appreciate all the hard work that goes into this program!

- Maggie Shumaker

Katie Palmer!

- Jordan Palmer

Ty Graham is AWESOME!

- Marie Duncan

Student Involvement gives our students the full college experience. The more fun they have and more involved they are the more successful they will be!

- Abrielle Cornilles

I want to see Student Involvement continue to find new ways to make the LC State a welcoming, energetic, and exciting campus to be a part of.

-Alexander McDowell

My child attends the school.

- Dustin Lindner

Katie and Shann are amazing humans!

- Angie McClain

I am giving to keep the great work that LC State faculty and staff do stay strong.

-Debora Lemon

My daughter Jules plays for LC on Volleyball team. This school has been amazing to her and has given her so many opportunities so I am very grateful for LC State! #GoWarriors

- Shari Aguilar

My son is a diesel technology student and loves it!!!

- Amy Swannack

I can't think of a more deserving institution in the State of Idaho to support! LC State's impact on students is exceptional! I'm proud to work here and proud to support this College!

- Jennie Jones Hall

LC State has truly impacted our lives for the better. From receiving an exceptional education to competing athletically at an elite level to making some of the best friends of our lives, our LC State experience has been nothing short of transformational. LC State holds a special place in our lives, inspiring us to give back. We are grateful for the opportunities and experiences we've been fortunate to have at LC State and look forward to creating more memories with our family.  It's an honor to contribute to LC State's success. 

- Billy '13 and Allison Silvestri