The Baker Institute provides amazing opportunities for ALL Lehigh students to unlock their potential for creative problem-solving and provides them with experiences that dramatically shift their worldview!
- Tyler Groft '13

Wonderful memories of my time playing field hockey (and lacrosse) at Lehigh. What I learned about team work and leadership as part of my Lehigh sports has served me well throughout my career.
-  Diane Daych '79

What inspires me to make a gift is the profound impact we create when we unite as a community. Through our contributions, we provide students with opportunities to pursue their interests and venture into new realms they might not have explored otherwise. Our collective efforts genuinely shape the future of Lehigh students, empowering them to achieve remarkable heights!
- Jeff Warden

To support this amazing school & softball program that has helped transform our daughter into an amazing young woman!
- Wendy Charles

To support the amazing exhibitions, services and education programs LUAG offers to the campus and community.
- Stacie Brennan '03

To give something back to the Lehigh community and contribute to the continued growth of the Women's Soccer program at Lehigh was which was excellent in student athlete experience and personal development and seeks ways to continuously improve.
- Mike Jansa

To celebrate the amazing Women's soccer team!
- Jessica Glomb Griffith

The Pride Center is such an important resource that I am proud to suppprt!
- Cheryl Burden

The Marching 97 is one of the few Patriot League bands that travels to away games, and their spirit makes Lehigh's game-day experience shine!
- Kathryn Snyder Franklin '93

The incredible foundation of creative thinking and exploration that I learned in the architecture program at Lehigh continues to guide me in my professional practice.
- Eric S. Lewis '94

The generosity of alumni made it possible for me to attend Lehigh. My family did not have the financial means to pay for my college education.
- Lance Meade Bell '79

The education in biochemistry I received from Dr. Glover was crucial to my success in graduate school. I want to continue to support this department!

- Lucie Pascarosa '22

My education and athletic experience at Lehigh was made possible by generous donors.

- Danielle Resovich Carlini '04

Lehigh Wrestling was an instrumental part of my education and life. I owe a lot to the experience afforded to me by Coach Santoro and Dillon. GO HAWKS!

- Nathaniel Brown '15

Lehigh was the only school I applied to. My father had arranged for the two of us to tour various schools; I got back in the car after touring Lehigh and told him to cancel the rest of the tour because I had found my home. That feeling has never ever waned.

- Corey Abate '91

Lehigh inspired me to give my all so that I could go outside my comfort zone and strive to be the best version of myself. I want that for my son, too.

- Amy Wagner Anzilotti '90

Lehigh has made a tremendous impact on my life. The relationships I made, the knowledge I gained, the experiences I was afforded...are all priceless. I will never be able to repay Lehigh for all it gave and continues to give to me today...but making a gift is a start.

- Nancy Kanetsky Merritt '04

I have many ties to Lehigh - I met my wife there, my family members attended there and I work with several graduates. Lehigh has helped shape my life for the better. I have much gratitude for my experience at Lehigh.

- John Sini, Jr. '94