Class Challenges

How can my class win?
For all challenges, we’re looking at donors and participation, not dollars.

Donor Benchmark Challenge
Classes will earn challenge funds for every 20 classmates who make a gift or pledge during March4MHC. The prizes will go up incrementally by $500 for every 20 donors, up to 200 donors, and prizes are cumulative.

March4MHC Donor Bonus Chart

Bonus Challenges

To further recognize the accomplishments of our classes, The Mount Holyoke Fund will offer additional bonuses for the following achievements. The prize funds for each will be determined after the challenge based on the number of qualifying classes. 


What is The Mount Holyoke Fund? And what does my gift support?
The Mount Holyoke Fund (MHF) is the College’s annual fund. (MHF gifts are not part of the endowment!) MHF gifts are put to work immediately to support the College’s most pressing needs and impact all aspects of campus life — providing funds to support student scholarship aid, recruit and retain the best faculty, update state-of-the-art learning environments, and keep Mount Holyoke’s 800-acre campus beautiful. Learn more about The Mount Holyoke Fund.

What can I support through The Mount Holyoke Fund?
There are a number of different gift destinations you can choose from when you make your gift, ensuring that your support makes a difference where it matters most for you.

Choose your destination: Academics | Accessibility | Athletics | Campus Preservation | Community and Belonging | DEI | Employee Emergency Fund | Faculty | Library/Archives | The Lynk | Mental Health | Scholarship Aid | Student Life | Student Safety Net | Sustainability | Technology | Visual and Performing Arts | Wherever MHC Needs It Most

I’ve already made a gift to MHC this fiscal year. Will I be counted for the challenge?

Thank you so much for your support! Only gifts made during the challenge count toward the goal of 5,000 donors. Please consider an additional gift of any size during the challenge days to be counted.

Can I make multiple gifts during the challenge?
While you may certainly make multiple gifts during the challenge, you will be counted only once as a donor. Multiple gifts will not help increase the overall donor count or your class donor count. (FPs, however, may make a gift both to the FP class and to the class they graduated with. Their gifts will be counted once for each class for purposes of the class challenges, but they will be counted only once toward the overall goal of 5,000 donors.)

Will my sustaining gift be counted for the challenge?
Thank you for your ongoing support! If you set up a new sustaining gift during the challenge — or increase the size of an existing sustaining gift — that will be counted for the challenge. If you are already a sustaining donor, you can make an additional gift of any size during the challenge days, and you will be counted.

Will gifts from my family members or friends count toward the class-based challenges?
Gifts from the entire MHC community, including family and friends of the College, will count toward our overall 5,000 donor goal. However, gifts from family and friends of the College will not count toward the class-based challenges (to win prize funds toward your class gift) because those class challenges are focused on alum gifts. 

I want to make a gift via stock (or an IRA, a donor-advised fund, etc.). Can I participate too?
Yes! Please contact us at or 1-800-MHC-GIVE (1-800-642-4483). We can discuss your options for participating in the challenge, including making a pledge that can be fulfilled by any of these methods by June 30, 2024.

I made a gift, but I don’t see my name on GiveCampus. Why?
If you chose to make your gift anonymous through GiveCampus or if you gave through one of the other ways of giving (via the MHC website, PayPal, Venmo or over the phone), we will not publicize your name. But we will make sure you are counted in the donor and dollar totals! If you have questions about whether your gift was included, you can reach out to

When will we know the results of the challenge?
Preliminary results will be announced and posted on the GiveCampus page on Tuesday, March 12. Final results and the challenge totals will be shared when all gifts have been fully processed and reconciled at the end of March.

Still have questions?
If you don’t see your inquiry addressed here, please reach out to us at