Agriculture (Drones for Land Management Experience): Purchase two drones to use in Agroecology, Range Management, and Animal Science labs. This includes one Ag Faculty FAA commercial drone license as well. Drones are becoming commonplace in agriculture and land management. | GOAL: $2,000

Anthropology (Doug Nelson Archaeology Travel Fund): After Professor of Anthropology M. Douglas Nelson died from a heart attack while leading students on an archaeology dig in Israel, his children established an endowment providing travel support for students. Exploring anthropological sites was his greatest passion and they wanted to encourage similar journeys for others. | GOAL: 10 DONORS

Art & Design (Visiting Artists): Working with visiting artists gives NWC Art + Design students the opportunity to learn from visual arts professionals practicing in a variety of media. Students hear from different voices and see how the skills and concepts learned in the classroom can be applied to professional careers. | GOAL: $1,000

Business (News & Current Events TV): Business faculty incorporate news and require students to be aware of current events as a way of understanding how organizations may or may not be following successful business and ethical practices. Installation of a television in the departmental lobby area will help reinforce principles learned in the regular classroom. | GOAL: $1,000

Center for Training and Development (Shop Air Compressor): Having an air compressor is one of the top tool needs for CTD’s new shop to support programs including CDL, HVAC, and Plumbing. From inflating tires to powering pneumatic tools, an air compressor will provide a constant supply of compressed air, making various tasks easier and more efficient. | GOAL: $2,000

Criminal Justice (Crime Scene Mannequins): Mannequins are optimal for recreating crime scene investigations for students and help them gain hands-on experience. Funds raised will be used to purchase two mannequins (one male, one female). | GOAL: $2,400

Education (iPads for Practicum Experience): For privacy purposes, photos and videos of student practicum experiences can’t be taken on personal devices. iPads that students could borrow to document their observations and activities and would help these future teachers gain valuable in-classroom training. | GOAL $2,000

Equine Studies (Mechanical Cow): The lightweight portable CowTrac Mechanical cow. Used to help students train their horse to work a cow, stop straight, improve roll backs and maintain proper position | GOAL: $1,500

Forensics (Student Travel): It’s no secret that travel enriches student experience! Support our forensics team as they travel to competitions throughout the region and represent us well. Let’s go Trappers! | GOAL 10 DONORS

Intercultural Programs (Bicycles for Community Exploration): For international students, transportation around Powell can be a challenge. A pool of bicycles to be checked out as needed would help solve this problem and provide students with the opportunity to explore our community more easily. | GOAL $1,000

Livestock Judging (Ag Pavilion Enhancements): The Livestock Judging program hosts several events throughout the year at the Ag Pavilion on campus. While the Ag Pavilion has recently been updated, additions like livestock panels, judging pens, and gravel for the rutted parking lot will increase efficiency and enjoyment of the hard-working building. | GOAL $2,000

Music (Video Cameras): Videoing musical performances provides learning opportunities to student musicians while also benefiting our audiences. NWC’s Music Department would like to purchase two additional video cameras – one to improve livestreaming performances from the auditorium and the other for capturing video alongside audio during recording sessions. | GOAL: $2,700

Nursing & Allied Health (Laerdal Modular Skills Trainers): The Northwest College Nursing & Allied Health program is raising funds for Laerdal Modular Skills Trainers. With this equipment, students can learn skills like wound care, injections, oxygen therapy, and several others. A $250 donation will sponsor one nursing student with a trainer, or smaller gifts can be added together. | GOAL: $2,000

Photographic Communications (Furniture for New Video Studio): Currently the video/audio recording loft used by communications students features surplus furniture that is inadequate to store the video, audio, and lighting equipment and other technology needed for class assignments. As this space provides a quiet production area in our busy, and often noisy building, usage is high, and an upgrade is overdue. Upgrading the storage capacity in this space will streamline the time it takes for students to set up and tear down recording sessions, enabling them to produce higher quality videos for class assignments. | GOAL: $2,700

Trapper Athletics (Game Day Enhancements): The current sideline chairs and scorer’s table used on game days in Cabre Gym are becoming worn and need replaced. | GOAL: $2,000

TRiO (Fresh Food Assistance): The TRiO program at NWC serves low-income and first-generation students as well as students with disabilities. Each year, the demand for food assistance increases and is especially high during holiday breaks when Dining Services closes. While TRiO can stock non-perishable items in a food pantry, dollars are needed to provide fresh items like milk, bread, and produce during these highest times of need. | GOAL: $1,000

Welding (Inspection Equipment):  Equipment used for inspection will help students examine their welds for quality, strength, safety and other important learning factors. | GOAL: $1,500