1. 🚀 Race to First 10 Challenge (12AM):
    • The first ten gifts of the day receive a $100 match to their area of choice. Phoenix Take Flight!
  2. 💜 First Time Donor Challenge: $1000 (10-11AM):
    • If you've never given to Florida Poly, make your first gift between 10 and 11 a.m. to put your favorite area in the running for an extra $1000.
  3. ⚡ Flash Challenge: $1,000 (10AM-12PM and 2-4PM):
    • Twice during these periods, the area with the most donors will receive a $1,000 match in gratitude for your momentum.
  4. 📸 Throwback Challenge: $1,000 (12-1 PM on Instagram):
    • Submit your Florida Poly throwback photos on Instagram using #FLPolyGivingDay. One winner earns an extra $1,000 for their favorite college/unit.
  5. 🐾 Phoenix Pets Challenge: $500 each for two winners (1PM on Instagram):
    • Showcase your Phoenix pets on Instagram during this hour for a chance to win $500 towards the area you choose.
  6. 🏆 Most Faculty and Staff Gifts Challenge: $1,000 (2-3PM.):
    • The department with the most employee gifts between 2 and 3 p.m. wins this challenge for $1,000!
  7. 🎓 Most Alumni Gifts Challenge: $1,000 (3-4PM):
    • For recent graduates (last 10 years), the area with the most gifts from alumni in this hour receives an extra $1,000.
  8. 🌟 Parent Challenge: $1,000 (5PM):
    • Proud Phoenix parents, the department, club, or fund with the most parent donations will be awarded a bonus $1,000.
  9. 🏃‍♂️🎖️ Pi Day 5K Challenge (6-8PM):
    • The area that receives the most gifts during the Pi Day 5K will be awarded a bonus of $1,000.
  10. 🌙 Most Gifts Challenge: $1000 (11PM):
    • Stay up late and make your impact. The area with the most gifts in the last hour of the day will be awarded $1000.