Who determines the financial goal of the campaign?
In independent schools, including FCDS, the decision to engage in a campaign and the goal are determined by the Board of Trustees.

Who determines what the campaign will support?
A campaign steering committee with representatives from the Board of Trustees and other invested parents determine the components of the campaign.

We pay enough in tuition. Shouldn’t tuition cover all costs?
Tuition covers most but not all operating expenses. Tuition does not support capital projects, endowed funds, and the addition of programs that make FCDS special.

As an example, every building and venue on campus was built through campaigns.

We already gave to the Forsyth Fund. How is the campaign different?
The Forsyth Fund is an unrestricted annual campaign that supports the day-to-day operations of the school. 

A comprehensive campaign typically occurs every 5-10 years to address capital needs, endowment needs, etc. The last comprehensive campaign at FCDS was 20 years ago.

How can I learn more about options for giving or ways to give?
The philanthropy team is able to share all options for support and ways to give.

May pledges be made over multiple years? 
Yes. A pledge may be made over multiple years.

For example, a lead gift of $100k may be paid over 5 years ($20k/year).

Why is it important to participate? Does my gift matter?
Yes! Every gift matters and it takes all of us to make a profound impact.

While participating is important, considering your best pledge is most important for us to reach or exceed our goal.

What if this isn’t a good time for us to consider support?
This is a historical moment for FCDS. Those that came before us were bold in their commitment to the mission of FCDS, which all of us are benefiting from today.

It is always a good time to learn more about the vision of the school and options to connect your passions with the mission of the school.

If you have other philanthropic commitments right now then the FCDS team will work with you to structure a multi-year pledge in a way that works best for you

If not now, when? If not you, who?