What does it mean that gifts will be matched?

It means it’s a great time to give because a generous group of alumni, parents, and friends will give $1 for every dollar you give. A $13 gift becomes a $26 gift. A $1,300 gift becomes a $2,600 gift. So the impact you are able to make for Colgate and its students doubles.

What does my Colgate Fund gift make happen?

Gifts to the Colgate Fund make it possible for students from all backgrounds to access a Colgate education, for faculty to create transformative experiences, and for the University to achieve its ambitious Third-Century goals. Gifts to the Colgate Fund benefit every student and every program on campus and help elevate the University from excellent to extraordinary. 

What is the Colgate Commitment?

The Colgate Commitment is the University’s initiative for access and affordability — and the Colgate Fund provides important financial aid resources to make it possible. 

Through this program, the University aims to eliminate federal loans for all students by replacing loans with Colgate grants. These funds will also increase the number of aided students and increase aid dollars to meet the true cost of attendance (including travel expenses, textbooks, and other classroom supplies).

What is the Presidents’ Circle? 

The Presidents’ Circle is Colgate’s leadership giving society. To learn more, visit the Presidents’ Circle page or contact Michelle Jacobsen at mjacobsen@colgate.edu.

Do matching dollars go toward Presidents’ Circle membership?

Sorry, no. To become a Presidents’ Circle member, you must give the full amount required of your class year. However, many companies offer philanthropic gift matching programs. If your company offers this, your company’s match does count toward your Presidents’ Circle membership.

How can I get involved in volunteering or volunteering leadership roles at Colgate?

You can engage and impact the University and beyond by leading clubs, hosting events, planning reunions, fundraising, offering career guidance, internships, mentoring, and promoting Colgate to prospective students. Learn more about getting involved at Colgate.