Your gift to the MILTON Fund helps support all areas of student life and learning -- empowering students to learn, grow, and become the leaders of tomorrow. By supporting MILTON, you help teach young minds to be kind, curious, empathetic and passionate members of their community. A gift of any size starts the ripple of change, empowering our students to create a better future for themselves and the communities they will be a part of.

🐼 Financial Aid: MILTON provides financial aid to over 50% of our current student body, ensuring that cost is never a reason that a family cannot give their children a Jewish Day School education. 

💪🏻 Security: Your donation helps bolster critical investments in security to meet the school's needs in the current landscape. 

🍎 Faculty Salaries: The MILTON Fund empowers us to attract and retain the best educators who inspire, challenge, and mentor our students. Your donation directly contributes to providing an exceptional learning experience that shapes future leaders.

🌎 Experiential Learning: Using the nation's capital as an extension of our classrooms, teachers enable our students to develop new passions, as irrepressible curiosity, and a love of learning. Your gift opens new doors and opportunities for our students to explore and learn from the world around them. 

🎭 More Access to Co-curriculars: Co-curricular activities enhance students' growth and well-rounded development. Your gift expands access to a wide range of co-curricular programs, allowing our students to explore their passions and interests beyond the classroom.