How will my gift be used?

Students can direct their gifts to any existing fund on campus. The funds will be used to carry out the mission determined by the area they choose to support. 

Why did the focus of the senior class gift shift from capital projects to monetary gifts?

Up until the early 2000s, most senior classes donated money to help support campus beautification projects (i.e. DH Patio, North Village Gate, Cherrydale Patio Project, Bell Tower Restoration, Amphitheatre, Clark Murphy Arbor Swing). In 2013, there was a shift to support academic and student experiences and emergency scholarship funds for current students. 

What is a recurring gift?

Making a recurring gift ensures you will continue as an alumni donor your first year out. Recurring alumni donors help with our overall stats in alumni participation which affects our U.S. World & News Report. This year, we increased one spot to #45 - we'd love to see Furman move up the ranks thanks to our young alumni donors!