Why should I participate?
Gifts to the Titan Fund help with the total cost of a Trinity education, which is not completely covered by tuition. Every donation directly supports Trinity faculty, staff, and students. 

Can I choose the area of the School where my gift will be applied?
The Titan Fund is a family of funds that allows our loyal supporters to choose how their gifts are used to advance the mission of the School. Your support is critical to our work, and we want you, the donor, to decide how you want your gift to make a difference.

The Trinity Titan Fund includes the following areas of interest, allowing you to choose how you want to invest:

·   Wherever Trinity Needs It Most
·   Athletics
·   Curriculum and Faculty Development
·   Early Childhood Education
·   Fine Arts
·   Technology
·   Tuition Assistance (need based)

(In the event that any of these priority areas becomes fully funded through Trinity Titan Fund contributions, we reserve the right to redistribute funds to underfunded areas of greatest need.)

How much should I give?
We are inviting you to make a gift at any level that is meaningful to you and your family. Your gift at any amount is very much appreciated!

Can I make a pledge instead?
Yes, of course! Please fill out this form here and we will count your pledge towards the goal.

Is my donation tax-deductible?
Yes!  Once you make your gift, you will receive an email confirmation that your gift has been received. This email may also serve as your receipt for tax purposes.

How do I make my gift?
Gifts can be made online with a credit card, Paypal, or Venmo by clicking the “Give Now” button on the top right of the page. If you would like to make your gift via check, stock, or over the phone, please call Lauren Thompson, Titan Fund Manager, at 504-670-2550 or email lthompson@trinitynola.org 

Who should I contact if I have trouble making a gift or have any other questions?
If you have any questions regarding the Titan Fund, please contact Lauren Thompson, Titan Fund Manager, at 504-670-2550 or email lthompson@trinitynola.org 

If you are interested in getting involved with the Trinity Episcopal School Giving Tuesday, please contact Lauren Thompson!