What is the Parater Day of Giving? 

The Parater Middle-Class Scholarship was introduced in Benedictine’s 2017-18 school year with one objective in mind: to make attending a superb Catholic high school affordable for middle-class families. After the unification of Saint Gertrude and Benedictine in 2021, this scholarship is now available to both Saint Gertrude and Benedictine students and is awarded annually to incoming freshmen. The scholarship is funded through an annual Day of Giving. This single day’s activities, and generosity that accompanies it, are the sole means by which the Parater Scholarships are funded.

How many Parater Scholars does BSoR currently have?  

Between Benedictine and Saint Gertrude, there are currently 104 Parater Scholars enrolled at the Benedictine Schools of Richmond. 

Why does the scholarship support middle-class families?  

Data shows that middle-class families are increasingly pinched and the most burdened. They make too much money to qualify for financial aid but don’t have enough expendable income to afford raising tuition costs for private schools. 

"Middle-class families are the backbone of this country. They are also under increasing stress resulting from the situation of making too much money to qualify for financial assistance programs and not enough money to access high quality education. The can-do, working class spirit of their children is what makes these families so worthy of your support. Your charity is providing a hand-up, not a hand-out." Jesse Grapes, BSoR President

Who is Frank Parater? 

Frank Parater was born into a working-class, devout Catholic Family on October 10, 1897. He graduated from Benedictine High School in 1917, top of his class and valedictorian. After high school, Frank began studies for the priesthood at Belmont Abbey Seminary College in North Carolina. In the Fall 1919, he was sent to study in Rome. In late January 1920, Frank came down with rheumatic fever and passed away on February 7, 1920. Decades later, in 1960, Most Reverend Walter F. Sullivan, D.D., having received authorization from the Holy See, initiated the cause by establishing a Tribunal to examine the reputation for holiness of the Servant of God Frank Parater, Seminarian. We all hope that some day Frank Parater will be our first Saint, which would make us one of three schools in the country to have a Saint graduate from their school. 

Why is the Day of Giving on February 7 each year?  

February 7 is Frank Parater's feast day, in the Proper of the Saints (and coinciding with the anniversary of his death). 

Where can I learn more about this scholarship?

The legacy of Frank Parater and the Scholarship bearing his name was featured in a past edition of the Towers magazine.