Who should I contact if I am having trouble making my gift? Reach out to Amy Rourke Jones at amy.jones@ic.edu or 217.245.3113.

What should I do if I want my ALL IN FOR IC gift to count toward a IC Varsity Club membership? After you make your gift, you will have the option to write in "Varsity Club" on the "In support of" field. Reach out to Katie Carls at katie.carls@ic.edu or 217.245.3832 with questions. 

How should I indicate if my gift is a joint gift? There will be a post form after your gift is sent with the option to add another name!

Why isn't the match showing in the leaderboard for the challenge I gave to (such as the Athletics Challenge)? You gift is matched on the main page where the total raised for the IC Fund is calculated. Your gift is being matched and will have double the impact!