Class of 2023 Senior Gift Campaign

The Class of 2023 joins a long tradition of Cheverus seniors giving back to the school that has given them so much! 💜 Generations of alumni have supported the student experience by generously donating to the school. Now the seniors will join them!

But wait...I have no money! 🤑

We get it. You're in high school. But honestly, it's not really about the money. Collectively, your small donations add up and can make a bigger impact than you think! Could you swap out an AJ's Rush 🥤(or another treat you might buy) for a $5 donation to Cheverus?  Do you have a Venmo balance?

Perhaps most important, giving back at any level fosters a sense of community among the many people who care deeply about Cheverus. This community-minded generosity benefits Cheverus and strengthens the school for years to come.  

Speaking of Aroma Joe's...

Aroma Joe's ☕️ will give $5 to Cheverus for every senior that makes a gift. Thank you for fueling the Senior Gift Campaign, Aroma Joe's!

Where does the money we raise go?

The funds raised for the 2023 Senior Class Gift will go toward a new Stag mascot. The current Stag mascot has been used for at least 20 years, and the Student Council has decided it is time for an update. With a new Stag, Cheverus can continue representing our school with pride and spirit during sports events, pep rallies, and other school-related activities.

Let's unite as a class to show our support and appreciation for Cheverus and help make the new Stag a reality!