-How is Giving Day different from any other day? 

Your gift on Giving Day can have an even larger impact by helping to unlock generous challenge funds. When 500 donors make a gift of any size, we will unlock $15,000 for student scholarships from an anonymous donor.

-How can I help spread the word? 

-What is the High 5 Challenge? 

The High 5 Challenge is all about supporting our student-athletes. They’ve been working incredibly hard this year, and a high 5 from you will go a long way! Your gift of $5 or more to any of our athletics funds counts as a high 5. The more athletics funds you support, the more high 5's you give! Our goal is to reach 367 high 5's, which is a high 5 for every student-athlete. 

-How can my gift be counted toward Giving Day? 

All gifts made before midnight on April 12 will count toward Giving Day. Whether you give online, via text message, or over the phone, it all counts! 

- Where does my gift go? 

You choose where your gift goes! Whether it’s student scholarships, a particular college or an athletics team, we put 100% of your gift toward the cause or causes of your choice.  

- Is there a minimum gift amount? 

Yes, the minimum gift is $5 per designation.  

-If I still have questions, who can I contact? 

Please reach out to Alanzo Moreno, Director of Annual Giving, by emailing amoreno2@laverne.edu