Donating on Loyola Loyal Day

Need assistance with your gift?

For additional questions, or to speak with a member of the Alumni team contact us at 504-861-5454 or 

Are donations tax-deductible?  Yes! All donations on GiveCampus are tax-deductible. You will receive a donation receipt from Loyola after your donation is processed.

How much of my donation goes to the school? 

All of it! Loyola directly receives 100% of each and every donation, for use as stipulated by the campaign.

Will my name and donation amount be visible on the campaign page? 

Your name will appear on the campaign page unless you choose to be anonymous. Your donation amount is private and will not be displayed on the campaign page. 

Will my donation count toward the school’s alumni participation rate? 

Yes! Just make sure you check the 'alumnus/a' box when you make your donation. If you don't see the box, you're all set -- you've already told us that you're an alum within your profile, and we will make sure the school knows.

Does GiveCampus store my credit card information? 

NO!  GiveCampus does not store or save your credit card information. We take security very seriously, so this sensitive data is handled exclusively by a PCI Compliant payment processor.

Do I have to wait to make a gift on March 22-23?

We’d love for you to make your gift on Loyola Loyal Day but realize sometimes life gets in the way. If you want to make your gift early please do so!

Can I send my gift in via the mail? 

We strongly encourage you to make your gift online. However, if your check is received by March 23 (or you let us know it it's in the mail) it will also be counted as part of the overall giving day results. Let our team know at so we can count your support toward our goal.

Is there a gift minimum to count towards the Giving Day challenges?

Gifts through GiveCampus require a $1 minimum.

I already made a gift earlier this year. Will that count?

Thank you for supporting Loyola this year! Loyola Loyal Day 2023 only counts gifts towards the goal once the campaign goes live (March 22-23). We do also include "Lead Donor Gifts" a few days prior to the giving day campaign.

I’ve already made my gift for Loyola Loyal Day. How else can I help?

Thank you for your gift – you’re helping us get one step closer to unlocking additional funds from a group of generous donors! We encourage you to share the info about Loyola Loyal Day with your social networks. Sign up to share your custom link and measure your impact! Post on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with #LoyolaLoyal for a chance to win school swag.

Matching Donations

What is a Matching Donation? 

Matching Donations are a great way to show your support for a campaign and encourage others to get involved. On GiveCampus, there are two types of Matching Donations: Per-Dollar Matches and Per-Donor Matches.

What is a Per-Dollar Matching Donation? 

When you set up a Per-Dollar matching donation, you agree to donate a certain amount for every dollar donated by others, for a certain period of time, up to a pre-defined maximum. For example, you could agree to donate $1 for every $1 donated, for the next five days, up to $500.

What is a Per-Donor Matching Donation? 

When you set up a Per-Donor matching donation, you agree to donate a certain amount for each donor who gives to the campaign, for a certain period of time, up to a pre-defined maximum. For example, you could agree to donate $25 for each donor who gives to the campaign, for the next ten days, up to $500.

What if I only want to match one specific person or group of people? 

Easy! When setting up your Match, click the button that says 'I only want to Match specific people' and add the email addresses of the person or people you want to Match. Each of the people you list will receive an email telling them that you want to Match their gift, and the email will include a special link they can use to take advantage. Your Match will not be visible to other donors or apply to their gifts.

Are Matching Donations tax-deductible? 

Yes! Unless otherwise specified on the campaign page, all donations on GiveCampus are tax-deductible. You will receive a donation receipt from the school after your donation is processed.

Are Matching Donations visible on the campaign page? 

Yes. When you offer a Matching Donation, you will appear on the campaign’s Donors tab and the results of your Match will appear on the Advocates tab—specifically, the number of donors and the amount you have matched. Additionally, while your Match is active, all of the details will appear on the campaign page—the amount you are matching, the duration of the match, the maximum donation amount, and how much you have matched thus far.

Can I offer a Matching Donation anonymously? 

Yes. If you choose to be anonymous, the details of your Matching Donation will appear on the campaign page, but you will be identified as “Anonymous.”

Advocating for a Campaign

What is an Advocate? 

An Advocate is someone who supports a campaign by spreading the word and encouraging others to join in. Advocates are highlighted on the campaign page, along with data on the impact of their efforts.

How do I become an Advocate? 

There are three ways to become an Advocate: (1) sharing the campaign via email and on social media, (2) offering a Matching Donation or a Challenge, and (3) creating a Personal Plea.

How do I share a campaign with my network? 

There are multiple ways to share a campaign. Every campaign has buttons to Share and Tweet immediately below the Donate button and on the Advocates tab. The Advocates tab also has a shortened link to the campaign that you can copy and paste wherever you want. If you are logged in, all of the links on the Advocates tab are unique to you—when you share them, GiveCampus will keep track of your impact and highlight it on the Advocates tab.

What is a Personal Plea? 

A personal plea is a short video in which you explain why you support a campaign and encourage others to do the same.

Where are Personal Pleas displayed? 

Personal Pleas are accessed from the Advocates tab of the campaign page. Additionally, when you create a Personal Plea, you receive a direct link to your Plea that you can share with your network.

Will I be highlighted for creating a Personal Plea? 

Yes! Your name (and picture, if you have one) will show up on the Advocates tab, along with a link to your Plea.

Will I be able to see if my Plea is having an impact? 

Absolutely! When someone makes a donation directly from your Plea, it will be noted on the Advocates tab along with any other Advocate stats that you have generated (clicks, donations, etc.).