We’ve prepared a digital PA Giving Day toolkit to help you easily spread the word and encourage the global Andover community to participate. Download digital graphics, a sample email, and other important resources here.


What is PA Giving Day?
An Andover event when our global community comes together for an exciting day and supports what we love.

When is PA Giving Day?
This event begins at 9 a.m. (EDT) on Wednesday, March 29, and ends at 12 noon (EDT) on Thursday, March 30. We will accommodate alumni, parents, grandparents, and friends all over the world who may fall outside that window.

Who can participate?
Anyone! The more participants, the faster we release $100,000 to strengthen the Andover Fund.

What counts toward PA Giving Day?
Any gift made between 9 a.m. on March 29 and noon on March 30 (EDT) or via our earlier PA Giving Day communications will count towards our goal. Donor-advised funds are also accepted! Our priority is to raise support for the Andover Fund, but you can boost any aspect of campus that is important to you.

What is our PA Giving Day goal?
Andover has set a goal of securing 1,778 donors to release an additional $100,000 for the Andover Fund. It’s all thanks to a generous challenge from two Andover siblings! The entire PA community benefits from the Andover Fund, which elevates all aspects of campus life—from financial aid to student programming to academic innovation.

How does the Andover Fund make a difference on campus?
The entire PA community benefits from the Andover Fund, which meets the Academy's most urgent priorities—from financial aid to student programming to academic innovation.

How do I make a gift online?
, click on the blue “Give Now!” button, and donate.

Will my name and donation amount be visible on the campaign page?
Your name will appear on the campaign page. No amounts are listed unless you offer a match. You can also choose to remain anonymous.

How can I help make the day a success?

First and foremost, make your gift! You can also help by becoming an advocate on GiveCampus and spreading the word with your friends, classmates, and fellow families. For more, see Show Three Easy Ways to Show Your Support.

How do I encourage my classmates, fellow families, and friends to participate?
Sign up to become an advocate or create a matching gift. You can also use our toolkit to share this campaign on social media. See How to Become an Advocate and Make it Personal for more information. Top participants will be rewarded with prizes. Your messages will help unite our community. Please spread the word!

Does GiveCampus use my Facebook or social media information?

GiveCampus does not share any interaction data with Facebook. The only data pulled from Facebook is a user's education information from their profile and their list of friends—so that users can more easily find and follow their Facebook friends who also have GiveCampus accounts.

Will my donation count toward the alumni/parent participation rate?
If you are a graduate, your gift will count toward the alumni participation rate goal of 28.6 percent. Just make sure you check the “Alumnus/a or Student” or “Abbot Alumna” box when you make your donation. If you don't see the box, you're all set—you've already told us that you're an alum within your profile. 

If you’re a parent, your gift will count toward the parent participation rate goal of 65 percent. Make sure you check the “Parent/Grandparent” box when you make your donation and include your student’s class year.

Are there talking points I should use when communicating with my peers?

Is my gift tax deductible?
Yes. As with any charitable contribution to Phillips Academy, your gift on PA Giving Day is tax deductible to the full extent of the law. Please be sure to check your email for your tax receipt and, as always, consult your tax advisor with any specific questions.