There’s more than one reason to #LoveBlue — that means there’s more than one way to #GiveGold!

⌚ #GiveTime: Your virtual and on-campus participation in Hilltop activities strengthens our connection as a community. We hope you’ll give your time by participating in our online #LBGG activities.

✨ #GiveTalent: Your service as a Hilltop volunteer sustains and strengthens our Holy Cross values. We hope you’ll give your talent as a GiveCampus Advocate and spread the word about #LBGG online.

💰 #GiveTreasure: Your donation, no matter the size, deepens a pool of resources for classroom materials, student services, experiential learning opportunities, and so much more. We hope you’ll give your treasure to support your favorite campus programs during #LBGG.

While crowdfunding campaigns like #LoveBlueGiveGold typically emphasize gifts of treasure more than gifts of time and talent, all are vital to upholding our Holy Cross mission.