On Saintsgiving, we ask all members of our Saints community - alumni, staff, faculty, students, parents and friends - to make a donation to support scholarships for students at Aquinas College. Spread the word!




Why give to support AQ students?

As you know, Saints step up and support one another. This is what people who are part of a community do. Perhaps you had an impactful experience at Aquinas — whether it was at a retreat, on a service learning trip, in the classroom, on a stage or on the athletic field. That experience was made possible by someone who had come before you giving back to Aquinas. Now it's your time. Whether it's a donation $5 or $5,000, size doesn't matter. Give what you can to make a difference for Saints today.

Why give today on Saintsgiving?

Many colleges and universities have a special day dedicated to giving, and Saintsgiving is ours. More importantly, though, this has been a challenging few years for everyone, and our Saints are no exception. Aquinas is committed to providing quality education regardless of financial ability to pay, and many of our students and their families are struggling financially. Through it all, our faculty and students have gone above and beyond, demonstrating resilience, grace and dedication to the Aquinas College experience. Today, let's show them that we stand with them through supporting scholarship funding for all students.

I can only make a small contribution. Does it really make a difference?

YES, absolutely! Saintsgiving is about our community coming together and giving back collectively. Participation matters more than the size of the contribution. All of our donations combined demonstrate the power and strength of our Saints community. Giving participation rate also impacts Aquinas’ standing and ranking among peer schools, and represents a gauge by which foundations and corporations award grants. So, no matter the dollar amount, it has a significant impact on Aquinas' institutional strength. 

How can I give?

You can make a secure gift online here. If you would like to mail a check in for your gift, please send an email to advancement@aquinas.edu so that your gift can be counted in our total!
If you would like to make a gift of stock or mutual funds or transfer assets from an IRA, please contact us at (616) 632-2820 or advancement@aquinas.edu. We're happy to help. 

What will my donation today support?

Today is focused on our Aquinas Annual Scholarship Fund and our Annual Athletic Scholarships which provides scholarships for students attending Aquinas College. This year our students need our support more than ever before. Virtually every one of our students receives some form of scholarship, provided directly by the College — over $20 million this year alone.

You may designate your donation to a specific fund at Aquinas if you'd prefer. If you need assistance with this, please contact daviskat@aquinas.edu.