The community! - NYA faculty

"For all it did for me and my class" - Andy Mauger '73

"Helped me raise great adults." - Bob Hilscher P'16, P'18, P'20

"Every student is a musician!" - Walt & Linda Manchester P'15, P'20

"The focus on each individual child. Teaching courses full of facts and truth." - Jennifer Heald GP'24

"Academics, arts, and music." David & Anne Daniel P'28

"NYA inspires the mind and soul to exceed success and goals." - Mike Shea '72

"Amazing community to be apart of!" - Freddie & Jarod Daniel P'26, P'28, P'30, P'32

"Excellent and supportive education." - Istar & Moby Mudge GP'25

"Faculty!" - Hall & Debbie Thompson P'88, P'90, GP'23, GP'24

"We love the great community atmosphere and the tremendous engaging teachers!" - Rob & Kate Silvers P'19

"Had a transformative experience as a student 1961-65." - David Mitchell '67

"A great school educating wonderful students for a fulfilling life." Linc '75 Merrill P'04, P'06

"Our children thrived at NYA." Kim Merrill P'04, P'06

"Great faculty and staff working with great students." Richard & Jennifer Hubbell P'02, P'05

"Teachers who are fully invested and love our children." - Steve & Austin Reeves P'32

"We are proud 1960 and 1961 Alums!" Ted '60 & Sharon Libby Sharp '61

"The community!" Sarah & Tom Kirby P'28, P'30

"Our grandchildren have wonderful educational, athletic, musical and artistic opportunities. Teachers are engaged and supportive!" - Cheryl & Leo Lacey GP'29, GP'33

"It gave our kids the best educational/sports and life learning experience." - Cathy & Charlie von Brecht P'02, P'05

"Getting to teach, learn, and grow alongside amazing students every year!" - Nate & Jess Smith P'26, P'29, Faculty

"They provide a home away from home during the school day for our girls!" - David & Mary Lavoie P'32, P'34

"Nya gives our son opportunities that he would never have at a different middle school." - Mike & Heather Graul '90 Geoghan P'28

"The terrific students, parents, faculty, staff, and trustees make NYA an amazing school." - Eric Austin & Family P'15, P'17, Faculty

"The administration’s support!" - Jess & Spencer Violette P'24, P'26, Faculty

"I love getting to know my students, who are terrific!" - Peter Sillin P'18, P'21, Faculty

"I love NYA for providing my grandson the solid foundation to become a success in whatever path my grandson chooses in life." - Judy Donnelly GP'23

"My son loves going to school with his best friends every day." - Jill & Christopher Metcalf P'37

"Because my son does!" - Jennifer & Gregory Wiessner P'26

"Our grandson's education." - James & Debbie Graul P'98, GP'28

"Wonderful teachers and staff!" - Brian & Kristina McElhinney P'27

"We love the amazing and dedicated teachers and staff who take the time to really get to know each and every student." - Giuia & Ken Grady P'20, P'26

"Everything!" - Lynn Sullivan, Faculty

"I love my teaching colleagues and students!" - Heidi & Michael O'Connor - Faculty

"Engaged, supportive students, faculty, staff, and families!" - Michael & Cynthia Gengras, Faculty

"The teachers." - Jeremy Lavertu, P'31, P'34

"My fabulous students and families as well as my inspiring colleagues!" - KB Lavertu, P'31, P'34, Faculty

"My nieces love NYA #auntielove" - Tasha Worcester

"It gave my son, Evan, a great education!" - Kevin Kendall P'12

"The staff at NYA takes each student and makes them a star." - Terri & Sally Stronge P'23

"The teachers are compassionate, intelligent, and inspirational!" - David & Libby Swinton Millar P'27, P'30

"The great students, faculty, and staff!" - Kristi Belesca, Faculty

"The students, teachers, and staff!" - Marissa Markonish P'19, P'20, Faculty/Staff

"Simply the best!" - Edward & Kristyne Kloza GP'26, GP'28, GP'34

"Lifelong friendships." - Emily Clark O'Meara '00

"Teachers, teachers, teachers." - Elisabeth & Rob Tod P'20, P'25

"So many daughter thrives here." Pamela Shervanick P'26

"NYA makes learning fun!" - Kristen Marsh & Manasse Shingiro P'34

"The lifelong friends I met at NYA and the caring faculty." - Carly Lappas '13

"Teachers that helped shape and inspire me." - Tim Kendrick '92

"Committed and inspired teachers who truly support our son's success." - Gina and Jamie Tansey P'26

"Because my niece and nephews (and sister) all thrive at NYA." - Janet Kafkas

"The great teachers!" - Madeleine Beasley '10

"The teachers are awesome!" - Anne & Peter Taylor P'27

"The faculty." - Stacey & Frank Noreika P'25

"It provides a wonderful place for my kids to learn." - Sarah & Sean Sweeney P'26, P'29

"Making a well rounded child." - Tori & Dayton Dunphy P'30

"Because my kids love NYA." Meleena Erikson & Huey Sheffler P'29, P'30

"Academic rigor." - David & Jennifer Talmadge P'28, P'30

"It made a huge difference in our daughter's life!" Sue Mello & Jon Lewis P'14

"NYA has offered my grandchildren the tools to become why they can be in life." Barbara Sullivan GP'38

"It's a great place for my kids!" - Thomas & Alexis Feeley P'28

"The faculty are amazing!" - Jennifer & David Speirs P'27, P'29

"Well rounded education." - Jeff & Stacie Bowden P'25

"Welcoming environment and amazing teachers." - Justin Corcoran P'29

"Great education for my son." - Pam & Joe Hanson P'06

"My daughter is thriving!" - Beatrice & Jeffrey Kalinich P'26

"The lifelong friends I have made." - Ashley Smalley '01

"My father and I went - Joe Hosmer '67." - Brittany (Hosmer) Longoria '03

"Great community and positive influence on our children." - Jay Reighley P'10

"Because my grandsons, Aidan and Tyler Lacombe, thrived and built confidence with great teachers, programs and overall environment." - Diane Goddard GP'22, GP'25

"Our daughter got a great education there." - Sandi & Tom Dunham P'01

"I love my students and colleagues!" - Shannon Gallagher, Faculty

"Wonderful experience for my grandson, Rogers." - Caroline Southall GP'23

"Good teachers." - Brenda Kaulback '61

"I love NYA because my kids are thriving there!" Renee & James '98 Cabot P'30, P'32, P'36

"Because of my grandchildren." - Gail Wilson & Skip Auten GP'29, GP'32

"Grandchildren love it." - Robert & Joan Murray GP'28, GP'30

"The community!" - Mb Lorenz & Christopher Lorenz P'28, P'30

"My two grandchildren are getting a wonderful education at NYA!" - Meredith Michaelis & Bob Kelly GP'25, GP'27

"Teachers care about the students." - Christine & Christer Holmgren P'23

"The amazing community and opportunities it has given my daughter ❤️"  - Catherine & Adam Godfrey P'27

"We love the tight knit community of NYA." - Ryan & Jess Sloper P'27

"A community that supports rigorous academics, competitive athletics and diverse art endeavors!" - Desiree Pullen '85, P'21

"Great people!" - Brendan & Marcia Powers P'24

"Great educators." - Randy Pepper GP'28, GP'30

"Everything! But if I had to pick one thing it would be the top notch teachers!" - Jody & Joe Wolverton P'21, P'24

"My daughter is thriving, and loves her friends and teachers…❤️" - Julie & Michael Ouellette P'30

"Excellent academics and personal development for students." - Simon & Whitney Wignall P'23, P'27

"Amazing dedicated faculty." - Scott & Barbara Marr P'17

"I have a great time with my friends all day!" - Adeline Mote '31

"I can be totally myself!" - Peter Mote '29

"The people make every day educational and fun!" - Jess Lynch P'29, P'31

"The community." - Christopher Lorenz P'28, P'30

"The extraordinary teachers." - Carol Eisenberg & David Simpson P'15, P'22

"For the opportunities provided to the students!" - Brad & Tammy Hamilton P'25

"It has a challenging curriculum that pushes kids to do their best." - Pamela & James Shockey P'23

"I love NYA because I feel the love everyday in some small way from NYA." - Therese Liptak, Faculty

"The students, teachers, and staff!" - Ross, Marissa (Faculty/Staff), Alex '19 & Luke '23 Markonish 

"The students are becoming great learners and great people!" - Kris Gibson & Dave Gagne P'10, Faculty

"My teachers!" - Carson Richard '29

"Mrs. Gagne." - Grady Richard '31

"The experiential education programs." - Stephanie Sersich & Tom Eichler P'28, P'29

"Mrs. Trahan.: - Trent Richard '33

"Great school and a great community!" - Bryce Hach P'27, Faculty

"The great overall community that makes NYA so special!" - Mike Warde P'23, P'32, Staff

"Faculty." - Warren Miskell P'15

"The amazing students, families, faculty and staff!" - Angela Warde P'23, P'32

"Our three grandchildren are getting a superb education at NYA and they love going to school everyday." Ed & Fran McGillicuddy GP'27, GP'30, GP'33

"Great teachers!" - Jack Edwards '29

"Quality education and sports." - Blair Shea '79

"When my son went to visit the school, the first thing he said was, "This feels like home." I immediately knew this was the right school for him." - Lana O'Shea P'27

"The community and staff!" - Renae Kovach P'30, P'32

"Because it's preparing our children for the future!" - Valentine '87 & Michelle Sheldon P'29, P'31

"The supportive and inclusive community." - Rodd and Cara Collin P'25

"Because our kids got an excellent education at NYA ❤️" - Bruce & Eva McVicar P'14, P'16

"Our grandson, Harrison Rana, attends and teachers are dedicated and caring." - Charlene & Louis Rana GP'28

"The people- students, teachers & staff." - Christine Van Alstine, Faculty

"My students and coworkers." - Ellen Gagne, P'19, Faculty

"Love the NYA community and their dedication to the student success!" - Kim & Michael Wallace P'23

"The warm and welcoming community." - Ashley & Jon Shinay P'36, P'38

"The PEOPLE!" - Michelle Buehner, P'19, P'23, Faculty

"High standards and a supportive environment." - Ian Ramsey, Faculty

"Too many reasons to name!!!" - Kelsy Ross, P'34, Faculty/Staff

"Memories." Chris Bixby '03