There are many different ways to support GiveCampus University students on GivingTuesday. Choose the program or campus cause that means the most to you: 

Choose Issues of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion ⚖️Are you committed to issues of racial, social, and economic justice? We are too. Give through the DEI Programming Fund to support workshops, trainings, research, and campus organizations to ensure our students learn to be actively anti-racist, open minded, and empathic citizens.

Choose Food Insecurity 🍎Did you know that 65% of our students are food insecure? Give through the Student Food Pantry to make sure all our students can focus more on their studies and less on affording their next healthy meal.

Choose Access to Education📓: Are you passionate about making sure young people have access to the best education at a price affordable to all? Give through the Foundation support account. The Foundation helps meet the most pressing and immediate needs of our school community, such as financial aid, advanced technology resources, and emergency assistance for our students. These flexible dollars are critical for FSCC to be able to respond to the rapidly changing needs of our students.

Choose Academic Exploration & Advancement🔬Are you passionate about research and the academic work that pushes our education and economy forward? Choose an academic program or department of your choice to support world class research, faculty development, and the facilities and technology to support them.

Athletics:  Is there a sport you follow and would love to support?  With over 350 student athletes on campus, choose to support your favorite student-athletes through scholarship, travel, supplies, or equipment.